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Mayoral candidates speak at GOP luncheon

City Councilor Natasha Mackey, left, Mayor Dennis Kintigh and former mayor Del Jurney spoke at the Chaves County Republican luncheon on Jan 17. Magaret Kennard and Teresa Barncastle facilitated the presentation. (Alison Penn Photo)

At the GOP luncheon on Jan. 17, Republican mayoral candidates vied for their campaigns during their speeches.


  1. Commenting on the article about the GOP luncheon with the candidates for mayor:
    Please consider the lack of focus on education and lack of encouraging parental involvement as a significant factor in the crime of our community. Just consider it. Solutions might include times of the day with city wide WIFI so parents can participate in their children’s Parent-Teacher Organizations; programs that reward teachers for extra efforts to get parents to the schools such as community gardening or after school reading programs We pay coaches don’t we? Why not pay teachers to be community organizers and get parents involved at the early level and maybe it will even be fun! Ask yourself the question of “why is crime on the rise?” and I wonder what answers you will come up with. I know that I see people struggling because they are frustrated they cannot provide for their families. I would consider this may lead to increase in crime. Why can’t they provide for their family? It’s not for a lack of trying, but rather opportunities often include choosing between raising a family OR working multiple low wage earning jobs that yield minimal time for family. Maybe their opportunity for education was thwarted and there was no guidance where to go next. Why are drugs a problem in this community? Just reflect on why people turn to drugs. Perhaps that can lend some appreciation for the lack of programs that promote education, self sufficiency and family. I’d like to see these concepts considered as ways to address the lack of cohesiveness in this community of Roswell. Slowly turning the direction from “reactive” to “proactive”.