Making a good living in Roswell

September 13, 2015 • Positively Roswell

By Curtis Michaels
Roswell Daily Record
The average salary in Roswell can be doubled in two years. Roswellians from all walks of life are taking advantage of this opportunity. From a retired engineer to a 25-year-old man just [auth] starting off in life, and quite a few others. One student is a woman with teen aged children at home.
What is this opportunity? A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) mechanic for Aersale.
The A&P license is good for life, and all over the world. Once you’ve invested 14 to 26 months of your life learning and have taken the tests, you will be able to earn excellent pay anywhere that has aircraft.
Aersale wants local people doing this work, and is doing everything they can to make it easy to get you’re A&P license.
The average individual salary in Roswell is $19,000 per year, according to the US Census. Imagine the life you can live when you double that as you start a new career.
Sounds like a cheesy sales pitch, doesn’t it.
There’s nothing cheesy about this, it’s real.
Roswell has a lot of intelligent, hard-working, dedicated people who are earning between minimum wage and $10 an hour who feel trapped in that pay cycle.
They want to build a good life for themselves. They want to either start a family or take care of the family they have. They want to drive a decent car and live in a house of their own. The median income in Roswell makes that a challenge at best.
You can change that.
There are opportunities in Roswell to earn a good living. If you apply yourself with the same professionalism that any job requires, you can live the life you want,
Here’s the skinny.
You could start at $10 per hour, have full benefits with paid time off, and vacation time while taking on-the-job training, and in about two years you could start earning $40,000 per year or more, with room to earn six figures in time.
You could get a scholarship to pay for tuition, books and tools. School lasts 14-1/2 months, at the end of it you could start a lucrative career with excellent benefits and a very bright future.
Licensed A&P mechanics are always in demand all over the globe, now you can start your career in Roswell.
Jack Pantuso, an A&P Mechanic III, is a retired engineer, and at age 57, he’s starting a second career. “My dad is a retired mechanic with TWA. I wanted to walk a mile in his shoes.”
Pantuso graduated in October 2014, and has been employed at Aersale since.
Valory Brakeman, personnel director, says “Aersale has 12 building, 165 plus employees and offers statewide scholarship opportunities. We recruit from ENMU-R, CNM, and Embry-Riddle in Albuquerque and the University of Amarillo.
“We have given 15 to 20 scholarships in Roswell and six at CNM.”
Starting wages for non-skilled labor are well over minimum wage and the benefits package includes 90 percent medical, 100 percent vision and dental, 100 percent long-term and short-germ disability, life insurance equal to the employees annual salary, and a 401-K program.
People starting in a non-skilled job can put Aersale’s on-the-job-training to good use and have a lifetime career in about two years. Aersale even pays the approximately $1,200 testing fees.
Aaron Waite is 25 years old and spent his first few years out of high school washing dishes and cleaning up after construction crews.
He decided he wanted more.
As of March 2014 Waite became a licensed A&P mechanic and is now learning Avionics with Aersale’s help.
Waite will always have a good paying job, no matter where he moves in life.
“I wanted to create opportunities and to see the world.” Waite has those opportunities now.
Chip Amerson is senior production manager for Aersale. He was a crew chief on F15s, F16s and F117s in the Air Force. Later he was a traveling consultant with U.S. Airways.
Amerson came to Aersale in May 2010, when they opened the Roswell facility.
“I fell in love with airplanes in the military,” Amerson says of his career.
“If you’re a motivated 17 or 18 year old and you want a career that will let you stay home in Roswell, Aersale can offer that.”
Amerson also spoke about Waite’s career path “Aersale is helping Waite advance his career by training him in Avionics. With his A&P license and his Avionics training, Waite will be able to build a very lucrative career for himself.”
Aersale provides uniforms and T-shirts for employees. They have catered barbecues and the celebrate holidays at the Roswell Country Club. The employee of the month gets a $200 gift certificate.
Aersale understands how important it is to treat employees well, and the people working there are well motivated.
“Aersale expects a lot from us, but they give a lot to us as well.” Pantuso said of the relationship Aersale has with its employees.
“There’s not a lot of push and pull when the chips are down. Everyone is happy to chip in.” Amerson gives the management’s point of view on employer/employee relations.
When asked what Aersale does exactly. Amerson said “Aersale does everything with aircraft except building them.”

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