There’s a lot to do in Roswell

September 28, 2015 • Positively Roswell

By Curtis Michaels
Roswell Daily Record
You’ll hear the plaintive cry, ‘There’s nothing to do in Roswell.” Truth be known Roswell has more to do than most cities of this size.
So what’s really going on? That question will take some time to address. In the meantime, here is a short list of a few of the things going on in Roswell for people of all ages in the next couple of weeks.
You can always reference the latest issue of Vision Magazine to learn what there is to do in Roswell. Vision Magazine is available online for free every first and third Wednesday at and in print every first and third Thursday.
It is the rare city of fifty thousand that has its own symphony orchestra, zoo, planetarium, three theater companies; tourist industry with its festivals and sporting events, Roswell is unique in the variety of social and entertainment opportunities.
Year round events and seasonal venues, from businesses, to churches, to city parks and buildings, Roswell has so much going on that our hotels stay busy year round.
Of the challenges Roswell has to face, having things to do is not one of them.
We are one very busy city!
With over a hundred churches, and educational opportunities ranging from ENMU-R to the Roswell Adult Center to the Roswell Museum and Art Center, to private classes you can learn about online and in the RDR’s classified section, it’s difficult to defend the idea that there’s nothing to do in Roswell.
What there is in Roswell is frustration. Not just with Roswell but with a world that is more confusing than we have ever known. It is harder than ever before to absorb all the information that comes to us every day. Remembering something we heard earlier competes with news stories, political mud slinging, and getting cut off in traffic. Before you know it, you’ve been frustrated or angry three times and that cool thing you were going to plan to do is out of your mind.
This is why resources such as Vision Magazine are so valuable.
Meanwhile here is a handful of fun for Roswellians of all ages.
Unity Center
The Unity Center offers concerts, game night, event space rental for teens
The Unity Center, 108 E. Bland is a safe place for teens to hang with friends. The Unity Center is a year round venue for music, and for festivals of all kinds. It is a place where Roswell’s kids have a voice, and a safe place to speak it.
You can find the Unity Center online at
The RMAC is holding a block party and chalk art festival – Saturday October 10, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Roswell Museum and Art Center, at 100 W. 11th st. This is a free, all-day event of music, art, and fun. If you want a section of sidewalk to draw on you can pre-register by calling the RMAC at 624-6744.
The RMAC has classes, and art shows, and meetings all year round. When it comes to something to do in Roswell, the RMAC is one place where you have many options.
The RMAC is online at
Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat – This theater company has proven themselves as qualified professionals who know how to put on a good show. This play will be showing from October 9-18 at the ENMU-Roswell Performing Arts Center. There are Friday and Saturday evening shows, as well as Sunday matinees.
You can find more about Way Way Off-Broadway Theater Company by going to their facebook page:
Oct. 5-10 – The Eastern New Mexico State Fair is happening from Oct. 5-10. The midway is guaranteed to keep the kids and the thrill-seekers happy, while the shows, the food, and the displays; from art, to agriculture, to commercial will engage the whole family.
Be sure to check out the old reliable spots such as St. John’s Church’s food booth.
The Eastern NM State Fair is online at
Tenth annual jazz festival
Oct. 7-11 – If you enjoy jazz or you just appreciate good musicianship The Roswell Jazz Festival is going on at a variety of venues, from The Liberty, to Pecos Flavors, to Pepper’s, to the Courthouse lawn, to the Roswell Museum and Art Center, to the Pueblo Auditorium, and finally to the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art.
To learn more you can go to
Ballet Magnificat
The Pearson Auditorium will be home to the touring company Ballet Magnificat at 10pm, Oct. 10. – Their Omega Company will be performing the original work Face2Face.
Do you still feel as if there’s nothing to do in Roswell? This is a small list, culled from a much larger one. The hotels fill up year round because there’s so much to do here. If you can’t find the things you like to do, let us know by commenting online or emailing

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