Herrera and Villegas form a natural, musical collaboration

October 4, 2015 • Local News

Blacita Herrera and Bobby Villegas (Submitted Photo)

Blacita Herrera and Bobby Villegas collaborate naturally. They effortlessly trade off between singing lead and harmony. Villegas’ requinto, a guitar tuned a fifth higher than normal, and Blacita’s guitar often complement their voices.
Herrera grew up listening to her parents playing music alongside Villegas.
“I idolized him,” she said.
When Villegas’ wife heard Herrera playing in a local restaurant and recognized her, she knew they would sound perfect together. She was right.
Villegas grew up playing soft Mexican music with his parents, who both played guitar and sang. His children will tell you they never tire of hearing their father’s music.
After high school, Villegas toured with Skip Battin (of The Byrds) and the High Spots, playing rock and roll. Songs like “Alley Oop” and “Cherry Pie” made touring with Battin fun, he said.
Even with the excitement of touring and playing different venues, Villegas’ heart has always been in the music of his childhood.
Herrera picked up her first guitar at age five and has been soloing since age 13. Her first band was called Brown Sugar.
Herrera says when she’s feeling down, she’ll sit with her guitar and let it sing her pain.
“At times like that I don’t sing. I let my guitar do all the communicating,” she said.
Her 17-year-old twins sit nearby and share those moments with their mom.
Playing together, Herrera and Villegas combine spiritual songs, love songs and classic Mexican songs. Herrera brings the spiritual music while Villegas brings the classics, they both like to throw in a bit of rock to stir things up.
Neither Herrera nor Villegas have studied music theory’ all of their skill is the product of practice born of passion.
Listening to them play, you can hear their passion, their love for music and how it is the perfect medium to express their pains and their joys. You feel like they know your secrets, and they sympathize.
Herrera saidof Villegas, “He has become like a father figure to me.”
Villegas quipped, “The thing about being 75 is looking at hieroglyphs and saying ‘I know that guy!’”
An artist can add depth to any memory. A musician can give you something to hang those special memories on. Herrera and Villegas can help you make your events more memorable. Call them at 625-2886.
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