RCLT – 57 years entertaining Roswell

November 10, 2015 • Local Business Review

Roswell Community Little Theatre has been performing with all volunteer casts and crews since 1958. In 1964 RCLT began performances in the building at 1101 North Virginia. In 2012, RCLT moved into the old Park Twin theater building at 1717 South Union.
There were several things required to make it a theatre:
Replace the electrical wiring,
Build an accessible bathroom
Build a stage
Put seats in the auditorium
Add an exit near the stage
And that was just Phase I!
Phase 2 included the construction of back stage areas
such as:
A meeting room;
Rehearsal stage;
Mens’ and womens’ dressing rooms;
Corresponding back stage bathrooms;
Green room and make-up area
Electrical wiring for all of these.
Phase 3 included the addition of a metal storage building on the east side of the existing building to be used for costumes and props storage
Phase 4 will be ceilings for the back stage rooms and storage space above, along with access to those areas.
Thanks to generous sponsors and guardian angels, we have come a long way in a relatively short period of time. While doing all this, we are also striving to bring performance art to Roswell every year, so that everyone can enjoy live entertainment.
However, right now we are in need of a new roof to protect our investment. We are working with a local roofing company, but have discovered many obstacles such as the required architectural stamp in order to work on/replace the roof.
And yet, we are in our 57th season!

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