Public Records: Marriage Licenses

September 21, 2016 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses

Aug. 1
Charles J. Hitchcock, and Cerisa Kay Chavez

Aug. 2
Christopher C. Shuman, and Hakima D. Whitfield—Rashad
Frankie Barela Garcia, Jr., and Christie M. Vallejos

Aug. 3
Adriean Salvador Becerra, and Judy Andres Campos

Aug. 4
Ryan H. French, and Alexandria C. Fresquez
Joel Mendoza, and Alondra Sanchez
Angel E. Camacho, and Samantha M. Lozano
Andres A. Campos, and Celie L. Orosco

Aug. 5
Adam M. Bowen, and Julie Ycoy
Jorge L. Villa, and Reina V. Contreras
Aaron Lee Fugate, and Alisha C. Hill

Aug. 8
Joshua Lee Kelley, and Jasmine L. Kermode
Bill Murray III, and Dusty L. Smith
Miguel Angel Capetillo Tapia, and Leticia Martinez
Don Alfred Childs, and Carolyn Younger Underwood

Aug. 9
Edgar L. Soto, and Jessica Delacruz
Alan E. Campos—Carrillo, and Jessica J. Serna

Aug. 10
Daniel Shawn Elliott, and Deanna K. Parker

Aug. 12
Eleazar E. Sierra, and Christina M. Lopez
Raymond F. Romero, and Rachel Gonzales

Aug. 15
Orson T. Webber—McCollaum, and Ruth M. Netzahualt

Aug. 16
Ernesto A. Sarellano, and Jessica Carolina Jurado

Aug. 17
Teddy Shain Dennis, and Judy Lynn Scifres

Aug. 18
Daniel A. Vargas, and Darian J. Rivera
Kenneth Wayne Brackeen Jr., and Judy Jeannie Rutledge
Daniel J. Reyes, and Ashley L. Dale
Cody L. Breeden, and Heather Alisha Hernandez

Aug. 19
Esteban Fernandez Jr., and Katheryn Krystal Sanchez
Matthew Gordon Farris, and Alexa Gabrielle Harper
Jason R. Higgins, and Leah C. Freese

Aug. 22
Tommy Anthony Guajaca, and Isabell Victoria Garcia
Andrew J. West, and Amber N. Young

Aug. 23
Brady Lee Bley, and Rebecca Danielle Barnett

Aug. 25
Boaz C. Meaders, and Adelene R. Albert
Skylor W. Wilkinson, and Stephanie C. Moffett

Aug. 26
Alejandro Garcia, and Rosa Jasmine Gutierrez
Josue E. Ramirez, and Francisca G. Sanchez
Johann Dirk Greyling, and Shelly Lynn Weirich

Aug. 29
Luis Angel Duran—Lopez, and Clarissa B. Romero
Michael Shelby Hester, and Saundra Dawn Tureson
Michael Anthony Rubio, and Brittney Ann Ford

Aug. 30
Chris Royce Dossey, and Venessa M. Lucero

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