El Tapatio – Authentic Mexican Food Jalisco Style

October 7, 2016 • Dining Guide

Jalisco, officially Estado Libre y Soberano de Jalisco, is a country that sits by the ocean right in the middle of Mexico. You would think that what you were tasting is akin to a taqueria sitting on the beach there when you dine at El Tapatio. Being on the beach means, of course, that you’re going to be eating seafood and El Tapatio is here to make you remember that.

There’s a page on their menu that is basically dedicated to seafood, Jalisciense style, which means that you’ll be getting traditionals like mojarra frita: a whole fried tilapia seasoned with a flavor that resides in the hearts of many whom are familiar with Jalisco style cuisine. Filete al mojo de ajo, another fish dish but one sauteed in garlic sauce with just a few ingredients that render a delectable dish. Also, fish soups. One can never get enough caldo de pescado when it’s cool out. Atop all of this, there are many other dishes centered around the ocean, either fried, sautéed or grilled. For anybody that needs a Mexican hangover cure from the ocean, coctel de camarones are served in a few different styles plus oysters by the dozen. If you prefer the turf over the surf, El Tapatio has that covered too.

A parrillada, or Mexican BBQ, should whet any carnivores appetite as it’s a plethora of grilled beef, chicken and sausage served with a stack of corn tortillas, onions and cilantro – what more does one need in life?
Fajitas, combination plates, relleno plates, burritos, tamales, enchiladas, tacos and tostadas…even burgers and salads if you feel like being a tourist. El Tapatio has it all if an hour long vacation in Jalisco is what you’re looking for.

You don’t think that’s enough? El Tapatio also has a seperate menu for desayunos and it’s just as extensive. Omelets, burritos and egg plates that equally cover both American and Mexican tastes. Chilaquiles, Migas and Machacas which are fried corn tortillas mixed with any combination of eggs, cheese, beans, chile, chorizo, shredded beef, jalapeños, tomatoes and onions. Also, steak, pork chops and chicken fried steak each include eggs if you need an extra shot of protein with your morning joe. French toast and pancakes (with or without the strawberries and pecans) make the menu as well.

There’s something for under-developed little palates as well. A la carte and dessert menu items are also at hand, which include my personal favorite: tres leches cake. El Tapatio carries a variety of domestic and Mexican beer, micheladas as well as wines. Daily specials are common so check in frequently.

If you like Mexican food, notably Jalisciense style Mexican food, then Jorge, the owner, is aiming to please at El Tapatio, located at 3012 N Main, Roswell (575) 578-1915. Open everyday from 10am to 10pm. Breakfast served until 11am. Or if you’re in the Ruidoso area, try El Tapatio’s sister restaurant, Jorge’s Cafe located at 2064 W Highway 70 (Billy the Kid Trail), Ruidoso (575) 378-9804.

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