Andrew’s Donuts

October 14, 2016 • Dining Guide

Andrew’s Donuts

5906 S Main St – (575) 208-0521
Open 5am – 2pm daily

2417 N Main St – (575) 208-0170
Open 5am – 12pm daily

2101 S Main St – (575) 623-8656
Open 5am – 12pm daily

Andrew’s Donuts now has three locations, all conveniently located throughout town along Main Street. If you haven’t been to one, there’s no excuse not to now that there’s definitely a location near you. Their latest location, 5906 S Main St, is trying their hand at lunch just as the name implies – Andrew’s Donut’s and Deli. Serving up a modest lunch menu that consists of a club (ham, turkey, roast beef and cheese), a turkey, a BLT or a tuna sandwich on honey wheat or a croissant. Combine one of those with chips and a 20oz drink for $6.75. Double meat for an extra $1.50. Breakfast is available at this location as well. Croissants in either your choice of ham or sausage with egg and cheese. Both of those include bacon at no extra cost. Jumbo pigs-n-a-blanket are available at all locations in either the cheese or jalapeño & cheese variety.

Also, donuts – tons of them. Yeast donuts and cake donuts galore: glazed, chocolate, cherry, butterscotch, coconut, with sprinkles, without sprinkles, donut holes, old fashioned donuts, jelly donuts, Boston cream pie donuts, sugar donuts, crumb donuts, bear claws, apple fritters, long johns, crullers, maple rolls, maple bars, turnovers, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bars, muffins, danishes…let’s just call it Homer Simpson heaven sans the Duff.

Andrew’s Donuts does provide beverages (of the non-alcoholic variety) for all tastes. Obviously coffee as well as cappuccino, iced coffee, smoothies, juices, teas, milk (2% & chocolate), energy drinks, sports drinks, sodas and bottled water.

Andrew’s Donuts owners also want to give back to its’ cherished community caregivers and is currently offering all city and government employees, teachers and instructors, law enforcement, fire department and emergency response a dozen of their fine donuts for only $6.50, no limit. All you have to do to take advantage of this sweet deal is bring the appropriate identification to either of the Andrew’s Donuts or Andrew’s Donuts & Deli to get a steal of the donut century.

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