Public Records 10-15-16

October 14, 2016 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses

Sept. 1
Beau Taylor Corder, and April Louise Hudson

Sept. 2
Justin McClelland, and Brittney K. Brown
Sergio Vega Pacheco, and Paula Mendoza—DeAguirre
Richard Dean Quintana Jr., and Kellie N. Hurst
Maria D. Villalobos, and Amanda K. Greene
Roberto Gomez, and Maria Luisa Reyes Perez
Juan Murillo, and Irene Andazola

Sept. 6
Forrest Van Coyle, and Patrisha Lynn Harrison
Thomas J. Chacon, and Jessica R. Peralta

Sept. 7
Junior L. Chavez, and Jasmine D. Santillan

Sept. 8
Luis A. Portillo, and Amanda J. Solt

Sept. 9
Jacob Paul Sena, and Delilah N. Cobos

Sept. 12
Michael J. Carreon, and Tara R. Marker
Antonio Garcia—Ortega, and Liduvina Dominguez Villanueva

Sept. 13
Ricardo Beltran, and Andrea Vega

Sept. 14
Christian Michael Stevens, and Araceli Gaspar

Sept. 15
Ismael Anguiano, and Noemi Avalos Guerrero
Corey L. Peralta, and Maria C. Vasquez
Adan J. Orpineda, and Jeneva N. Vialpando

Sept. 16
Ernest Torrez, and Nancy Denise Torrez
Jeromy W. Parmer, and Brandy J. Barr

Sept. 19
Pete Salas Jr., and Lucy D. Campos
Adam N. Pruitt, and Michelle L. Hartman

Sept. 20
Leonard L. Stulce, and Barbara D. Barrows

Sept. 21
Kenneth S. Thomas, and Patricia A. Mealand
Charles R. Duncan, and Ruth A. Owen
Danny W. Langston, and Holly M. Bawcum

Sept. 22
Dale Lynn Jennings, and Janel F. Patton
Lucas Matthew Townsend, and Eva Friesen Wieler
Sonny R. Lujan, and Melissa R. Padilla

Sept. 23
Brandon H. Johnson, and Katie S. Lollar

Sept. 26
Luis M. Calderon—Rio, and Martina Jimenez
Gregorio Juarez, and Marisa Lopez
Israel G. Moreno, and Johanna M. Cantu
Gary R. Barbe, and Minerva Puentes
Jesus M. Bonilla, and Joana Maria G. Levario

Sept. 27
Santonio C. Saragosa, and Jennifer Sanchez
Dana Grant Hickman, and Shawndi Lee Lindsey
Christopher M. Tebo, and Blanche M. Ndi
Freland S. Begay, and Bethsaida M. Palomino—Sanchez

Sept. 28
David R. Castellon, and Anjell B. Rodriguez
Erick O. Dominguez, and Isabel Solis

Sept. 29
Jeffry Lynn Whitehead, and Victoria Rose Messer

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