Taco Loco #2

November 18, 2016 • Dining Guide

We all love Mexican food. Some of us more than others. Some of us eat it everyday even though we may not all be of Latin heritage. For those who dislike Mexican food, that’s OK, but you certainly can’t argue against it. However, I urge them to keep trying it, as there’s bound to be something within the realm of Latin cuisine that will sink its flavor hooks in and never let go.

Taco Loco #2 definitely has some flavor hooks that just might do that. You’ll find things on the menu here that you might not at other eateries. Sure, you can still get tacos and burritos of different sorts here, flautas, enchiladas, menudo, posole, chile rellenos, tortas, etc., which are staples across the SW and West Coast. But, there are some things that are a bit harder to come by.

Even the little things are a big deal. One of which are Taco Loco’s homemade cueritos. These, now bear with me, are little pig skins pickled in vinegar and usually served with lime juice and chile salt as a snack or they can be served on a tostada with beans, lettuce, tomato, etc., as a meal. Both of which are served at Taco Loco #2. I’m an adventurous eater and have never cared for cueritos, but I’ll try something at least a few times before I make my final verdict. I’ll just say that I couldn’t stop eating them as I waited for my food.

My first order were sopes, one al pastor and the other, de lengua. A sope is a thick corn tortilla the size of a fist with pinched sides which is fried then topped with refried beans, a protein of your choice, cheese, lettuce and tomato. The sope itself was crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside and held up to the toppings. By the way, Taco Loco #2 makes their own corn tortillas and sopes – something else you don’t get everywhere in-town.

The second dish was something to behold. They called it the “Tostada Tapatia” and it was an elongated, fried “corn tortilla”, topped with your choice of carnitas, chicken or cueritos, refried beans, cheese, lettuce and tomato. The 12” x 6” tostada was kind of intimidating but after the first bite, it doesn’t seem like it’d be so difficult to finish because it’s that tasty. If you like nachos, but don’t like that every chip wasn’t treated equally, then this is your dish.

Taco Loco #2’s menu definitely has choices with something for everybody. Aside from the Mexican staples, the menu also has a selection of seafood as a Gudalajaranse menu should – shrimp, octopus and other shellfish have a spotlight. Other unique selections include birria – a traditional spicy Mexican stew unique to the state of Jalisco served at special occasions and holidays. Traditionally, it’s made from goat or mutton but Taco Loco #2’s is made from beef. They also have agua fresca, too. Horchata, tamarindo and jimaica were available at that time.

The last dish I had was a torta ahogada. Tortas are great anytime of the day. It’s basically a Mexican sandwich with chewy bread. This variation in particular had a twist though. Yes, it was a carnitas and bean torta but it was smothered in a red chile/ tomato sauce hybrid with pickled red onions and a lime for some extra zing. Nobody eats a sandwich with a knife and fork, but this is definitely the exception to the rule. I took this dish with me and I was advised to eat it soon otherwise the bread would get soggy. This definitely wasn’t the case as the bread was very resilient because bread science.

So you don’t feel like cooking but you want some great Mexican food in the comfort of your own home? Taco Loco #2 offers a pound of meat plus tortillas (corn or flour), grilled onions and jalapeños, rice, beans and salsa which feeds about 4 mouths for only $14.99.

To feed even more mouths, Taco Loco #2 also caters for special events so if you have one coming up and need help feeding your fiesta, call Taco Loco #2 at (575) 622-6180 to start booking now.

Give Taco Loco #2 a try, you owe it to yourself. And if you’re with friends or family who don’t want or like Mexican food, peer pressure always works. That, or a good cheesburger which Taco Loco #2 offers as well. Check for daily specials on their Facebook, too.

Taco Loco #2

107 Twin Diamond Rd
(575) 622-6180
Open everyday 8 AM – 7 PM, Breakfast all day

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