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April 11, 2017 • Local Business Review

E&CS Electric, Inc. is very proud to serve Roswell and Southeastern New Mexico as a licensed and insured Electrical and Controls contractor, with over 45 years experience in the industry. Because quality work and the safety of customers and employees is a top priority for their business, all electrical work meets the required national, state and local codes.

E&CS has the capability to calculate loads, design and install electrical wiring based on your power requirements. Their electricians have the service capabilities and experience to troubleshoot your electrical problems as well as the skill and understanding to solve those problems.

Their knowledge in residential, commercial and industrial repairs and maintenance is extensive and they’re also certified by the State of New Mexico to provide electrical service to and work on mobile homes. E&CS is available for repair, remodel and new installation of electrical power in all sectors of construction.

E&CS personnel have been involved in the energy management and controls industry since the 1980’s. They have the aptness to design, provide equipment, install and program Energy Management Control Systems for commercial and residential applications. As the cost of energy keeps rising, this capability is becoming essential. E&CS owner, Jim Bloodhart, has also well versed in the installation of photovoltaic (PV) electric generating systems. In layman’s terms – solar power.


The solar power industry has surged in recent years and for good reason – very inexpensive green energy. The installation of PV systems residentially installed has grown by over 83% in just under 6 years. Obviously, there are some major benefits of tapping into this eruption of energy production for your own home or business.

E&CS has experience in design of landscape lighting design and installation that merges both security and beauty adding aesthetic value to your home or business. They also install commercial, industrial and residential low voltage communications and sound systems. E&CS also installs data cabling for computer networks as well as closed circuit TV systems (CCTV).

Both Jim and his wife Karen are very active in the community. Jim has been a member of the National Fire Protection Association since the 1970’s. He’s also a board member of the Habitat for Humanity-Roswell, Marine Corp League Moses D. Rocha Detachment #1287, Elk’s Lodge 969, board member of Sunny Acres Senior Center, First Presbyterian Church management committee, Vice President of South Park Cemetery board and President of General Douglas L. McBride Veterans Cemetery board.

Since E&CS provides such excellent customer service, they offer FREE ESTIMATES. You can contact E&CS Electric, Inc. via phone, e-mail or website. Telephone: (575) 625-5524, Cell: (575) 317-9609 or Fax: (575) 623-8324. You can visit their website: or e-mail:

E&CS, Inc. dba E&CS Electric State of New Mexico EE98 license # 93588. For more information about services and estimates please visit their website or contact them at the above numbers.



E&CS, Inc. is proud to be a partner of HFHR.

Habitat for Humanity of Roswell is an all volunteer organization that is working to  provide decent, affordable housing in Roswell. They have completed 17 homes and sold them to the local families who helped build them. That is why we refer to Habitat as “a hand up, not a handout”.

Habitat is now in the process of building its 18th house and is in need of volunteers. Normally they work on Saturday mornings. They need willing hands, regardless of your skills or experience.

For more information about work schedules and donation information call HFH-R at 575-624-2138 or call Mike at 575-624-2171

How your support helps families

Decent, affordable housing dramatically
changes a family’s life:

•The cycle of poverty is broken

•Health, physical safety and security improve

•Educational and job prospects increase

•A sense of stability and dignity grows

•Money is freed up for other essential needs.

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