City should invest in family as much as golf

April 21, 2017 • Editorial

I’d like to write today about our City Council once again and their indifference to public needs and concerns. I read in a recent edition of the Roswell Daily Record where they have chosen to pass on a couple of our local institutions; the Memory Lawn cemetery and the Cahoon pool.
I wanted to be certain I was using the correct word for this and according to a quick search on the internet, a definition of institution goes like this: “An organization founded for a religious, educational, professional or social purpose.”
In my opinion, the cemetery fulfills both a religious, as well as a social purpose, while the Cahoon pool safisfies the definition in both educational and social purpose.
I have written where our city government has no problem with paying our exorbitant amounts of money to keep a golf course open that very few Roswell citizens take advantage of. Let’s ask ourselves one question. How can the City Council justify spending this much money to keep lawns green and flourishing for a few people a day, to take advantage of a sport a miniscule portion of the Roswell population use, and say it’s OK to ignore an area of holy ground that could be fit into one small portion of the golf course?
I can only imagine what the expenses are to water the municipal golf course on a daily basis, plus provide all of the labor to keep it in its pristine condition. Why is it that our citizens and veterans who lie at Memory Lawn cemetery have to be considered second-class citizens unworthy of a beautiful resting place?
Seriously, how much money is the city saving by not sending a crew there two to three times per week to water and maintain the grounds? I say, “Shame on you City Council for not listening to your taxpayers, and shame on you for thinking a golf course is more important to the city!”
Cahoon pool — now there is a thorn in the City Council’s side. In this day of numbers meaning everything, I think the mayor and his friends on the council forget it’s people and not numbers who they are deciding for. Instead of listening to the people they represent, they hide behind their doors crunching numbers, ignoring the public cries, then come out rejoicing at the great decisions they have made for the good of Roswell.
It sounds a lot like one of Larry Barker’s stories coming out of Albuquerque where some misguided group is in charge to decide they know what’s right for the public and spends exorbitant amounts of money on a fool’s mission.
If you look back, the mayor and his lackeys on the City Council seem to have their own agenda when it comes to the Cahoon pool. Didn’t they shut it down and drain it after being warned it could cause further damage, thereby increasing the amount of repairs? It is like they live in this fantasy world where once you are elected, all the promises of support go out the window.
Please take a walk down the trail that runs alongside the municipal golf course and check out how lush and beautiful it is. Then look at how many golfers are actually on the grounds playing. Then compare it to the grounds of the Memory Lawn cemetery. I know if my mother, father, sister or brother were buried at the cemetery in question, I would definitely be angry at the refusal to keep the place up. Where do you turn when your own government ignores you?
I also read where alternatives were presented for both of these issues, but none were deemed worthy of being considered. Yes, I see there could be some liability in taking over the cemetery, but there is liability everywhere we look these days. City governments are sued daily over disgruntled employee’s claims, or by the practices of any of its entities. Taking care of our citizens is important. Isn’t that the sole purpose of city government?
What about our children? What do we tell them when they want a place to spend their summers? As a child, I would go to Cahoon pool almost daily. At this present moment you have to cross the city to a small water park that offers little.
Here’s what I think about the status of the mayor and City Council. We have elections coming up where the mayor and five council members are up for election. I feel it’s time to take a long examination into the records of those six individuals who may decide to run for re-election and see if they are truly worthy of leading us again, or if it is time for a clean sweep of the mayor and his “rubber stamp” cronies.
Jose Mike Jimenez is a freelance writer and was an instructor at ENMU-R until his retirement. He can be reached at

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  1. Avatar pete49 says:

    Well said Sir..finally a voice of reason. Yes we need to remind voters that the mayor and his minions are the HIRED HELP and we taxpayers are the employers. Again, thank you.

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