Dodging plight of U.S. working class

April 21, 2017 • Dear Editor

Mr. Kopp, there are many problems with your arguments, the first of which is that you immediately accuse me of being a communist. That is a very, very old line of attack from anti-labor conservatives. Any mention of an effort to help the working class is immediately labeled communism.
I’m not talking about utopia. I’m talking about the plight of the American working class, a specific topic that you continually dodge.
I say that the American working class deserves a better standard of living. I point out the fact that 43 percent of American households are on the verge of destitution. Instead of responding to that fact, you call me a communist, claim that I’m attacking you and assert that I’m destroying the country.
Now tell me, what’s not funny about that?
Craig Abalos


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One Response to Dodging plight of U.S. working class

  1. Avatar pete49 says:

    Mr. Abalos,
    It’s always fun to read the liberal dribble you espouse when in fact the less interference from “jack-booted” knuckle dragging unions the better the American worker. Unions have outlived their usefulness and to keep beating that dead horse is fruitless. My experience with a union came down to this, Join or Lose you job. How would you decide after 18 years on the job? The union did not get me the job nor did it make sure I kept the job. All that was on me.

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