The Invasion III: rock vs. rap

May 1, 2017 • Vistas

The heavy metal band Skulldron will perform during The Invasion III music festival at the Unity Center. (Submitted Photo)

Extreme music festival brings 23 rock and rap bands to town

All ages are invited to join in for the Unity Center’s extreme musical festival, The Invasion III.
The lineup includes bands from Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico showing off their talent.
“This particular event is something I started a couple of years ago,” said organizer Ram Miller. “I wanted to do a half rap and half rock show, trying to bring different scenes together.
“I have always been a fan of music. I have never been much of a musician myself but I support anybody who makes music in our town.
“I got in touch with Bobby Garcia at the Unity Center and me and him started hanging out. I started helping him, bringing groups here that I liked.”
Miller was born in Roswell and has his family here who support him.
Asked why he started The Invasion three years ago, Miller said, “I am a fan of a little bit of everything. I always was more into rock and rap. I heard that different towns in the States have half rap and half rock shows. I always wanted to see one in Roswell.”
A schedule with the times and names of the bands performing is available on Facebook on the events page.
“We have it actually separated per performance,” Miller said. “We have a rap section with the performers and a rock section, so everybody knows which is which.
“When I made the setlist I told all performers, if you go a little off, let’s just have fun. I want the artist and the fans to have fun,” Miller said.
Miller is planning other events to take place after the Fourth of July.
“Hopefully, we can get bigger and better shows out here,” Miller said. “Roswell definitely has a market for tourism, we just need a bigger local crowd.
“One of my friends in Artesia said it best: ‘Everybody gets so used to not doing anything, that when something actually comes around it seems to be a hassle to get up, get out. They are just so used to sitting around not doing anything.’ I am kind of the same way,” Miller said. “I was sitting at home. I started getting out more and getting involved in shows and ticket sales.”
One of the better known bands performing is Skulldron from Albuquerque. The band has been founded in 2010. “The name came from a combination of skull and cauldron,” guitarist David Baca said in a phone interview. “It is hard to fit us into a box, we don’t really categorize in one area. We have a lot of influences from old classic metal such as Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy to Pantera and Orange Goblin.”
Band members are Baca on guitar and vocals, Clayton Nunnally on bass, Daniel Heard on guitar, Chris Perkins on drums and

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