There is strength in numbers

May 5, 2017 • Dear Editor

Recently, Congressman Steve Pearce met with the Roswell Chamber of Commerce, the “Women’s Mining Coalition,” and the Pecos Valley Telecommunications Provider. Each group has a few hundred members, locally, more or less.
There is a pattern here. Each of these meetings was with an organization, a group that represents common interests. In these three examples, each group represented a business. The groups were not political in nature, nonetheless they coordinated to seek a common objective by political means.
AARP is a large, popular organization that represents the elderly and the retired. It is considered one of the most influential political lobbies in the country, but it does not represent a business, it represents a class of people.
So where is the group that represents the workers of New Mexico’s congressional district two? There is none to speak of. How many workers does NM02 have? Hundreds of thousands. In spite of that power in numbers alone, we have no organized representation.
And even if we did, I’m not so sure the workers of NM02 are smart enough to get involved. Even the women and minorities here tend to vote for Republicans, a party that holds the working class in low regard.
A few weeks ago, I met three young women in Roswell, each was a staunch Trump supporter. Each supported a man and a party that on Thursday voted to essentially make their gender a pre-existing condition for affordable health care coverage, yet their faith in Trump remains unswayed, I’m sure.
Despite all that, organization is still a worthy pursuit, and there are certainly workers here who are smart enough to get involved if only the organization existed. Mind you, it need not be an ostentatious, secret handshake, dues-paying membership kind of thing. Twitter and Facebook alone would suffice to organize millions.
Picture a Twitter account with 200,000 followers — which is easy to do — all of them New Mexican workers in District Two. Workers need better wages and benefits, so we find a candidate to support our interests. Then we elect that candidate. It’s that simple.
We could not be stopped. Congressman Pearce won his 2012 election with 144,000 votes. The numbers don’t lie.
Big business will always have the money, that’s true, but we, the workers, will always have the votes. As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Craig Abalos

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  1. Avatar pete49 says:

    AAAh Spring is in the air…more whinnings from a liberal whose party LOST the election. Do you actually believe everything you write? Great for comic relief.

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