Currier orders hearing

July 14, 2011 • Local News

Michael Gomez, Jesus Carranza’s defense attorney, presented a motion in Judge Charles C. Currier’s court, Wednesday, to have one of the state’s key witnesses evaluated for psychological disorders. Carranza, 27, is charged with the murder of 16- year -old Zachary Perez.

The youth’s body was found in a vacant lot near East Fifth Street on Feb. 13, 2011. According to the criminal complaint, Perez was drinking with his brother, James Ortega, at Missouri Avenue Park before they were picked up by friends and driven to a house located in the 600 block of East Sixth Street.

Ortega told officials he later left the house without his brother. He returned to the area after he heard his brother had been involved in a stabbing and found Perez lying in a field in the area.

Autopsy reports indicated that Perez had been stabbed 22 times. In Wednesday’s hearing, Gomez said that he had talked to state’s witness Christopher Glenn. Gomez then checked Glenn’s medical history. He said the witness had been treated for bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia and also suffered from delusions.

“I would like to have the witness examined for competency, although I know this would be an exception and not the rule,” said Gomez.

Deputy District Attorney Alan Griffin, standing in for Assistant District Attorney Debra Hutchins, argued that bipolar disorder, paranoia or even delusions did not disqualify a person as a witness. Currier felt the state should not have to pay for an evaluation.

However, he said, “The court could set up a hearing to see if he’s cogent and able to respond to questions.” He added that it would be important for the District Attorney’s office to know if the state’s primary witness was competent.

Currier ruled if the court decided Glenn’s competency were in question, a forensic evaluation could be ordered, but the state would not bear the expense. The competency hearing has been set for July 26 at 8 a.m.

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