Shoot-out leaves man wounded

July 29, 2011 • Local News

Levi Booher, 21, of Hagerman was seriously wounded during what appears to be a shootout, Tuesday evening, in the 500 block of North Missouri Avenue. Witnesses said that an SUV drove past; they heard gunfire.

They also indicated that there was return fire. “It initially looked like there was return fire. We have recovered a vehicle and are doing a search,” RPD spokesman Officer Travis Holley said.

However the incident report states, “Officer Villarreal arrived on the scene and advised that a black male and a white female carrying a purse were seen leaving the area on foot.” One couple was taking a walk when the event occurred.

“We heard the shots and my husband said that’s gunfire. … We saw the kid sitting on the porch. He was shot in the leg.” A neighbor said, “I was on my front porch … then heard a really big noise.

I was pretty sure that it was not a firecracker — had to be a major gunshot.” Anthony Tawny, 21, was listed as a victim on the report. However, he was arrested on the 400 block of North Kentucky Avenue, for probation violations

Holley said Tawny was also being viewed as a possible suspect. Sgt. Erik Hiatt said Booher was flown to Lubbock for treatment of his injuries.

Holley said his injuries are serious but not life threatening.” According to Hiatt of the Criminal Investigation Division, the police have a person of interest in the case, but he was unwilling to release the name at this time.

Hiatt said the detectives had not been able to interview Booher in Lubbock because he wasn’t in stable condition yet.H iatt acknowledged that Booher had not been the most cooperative witness in the past.

Holley admitted that “there are strange dynamics in this case and I cannot say much at this time, but once the investigation is completed, things will become clear.” The witnesses complimented the police on their quick response time. “I was surprised at how fast they got here,” said one of the walkers.

“Thank you, RPD, for responding within minutes,” the neighbor said. Both neighbors expressed concern about a “drive-by” in what is viewed as a normally quiet area. “It’s disturbing when it happens in your own backyard,” said the first witness.

The second pointed to the neighborhood. “This is the Historic District. We have many prominent individuals who live in the area. … If this had happened in the afternoon, children could have been killed.”

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