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Spielberg offered to aid in UN UFO effort

Steven Spielberg is really into UFOs. This is not too hard to imagine given movies like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “ET: The...

One thing’s for sure, spirits walk among

As a UFO investigator, I started out my adventures investigating UFO crash sites like Roswell and Aztec, New Mexico and Cape Girardeau, Missouri, but...

City manager gives six-month review

At the latest City Council meeting Oct. 12, a six-month review of departmental activities was presented. I will share here a few of the...

Opportunity awaits Spring River Park & Zoo

Having a zoological network encompassing China, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, Mauritius, Caribbean, and United States, I can safely say the attention Spring River Park...

Do strange sonar readings mean secret USO?

The Mutual UFO Network’s chief photo expert, Marc D’Antonio, says he was on a US Navy submarine when they tracked a very fast moving...


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