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Disappearance of UK’s ‘spectacular’ UFO photo

Hanging on the wall near the British government’s UFO desk was what one of the men who occupied that desk called “the most spectacular...

Opportunity awaits Spring River Park & Zoo

Having a zoological network encompassing China, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, Mauritius, Caribbean, and United States, I can safely say the attention Spring River Park...

The generosity of RDR readers shines

An older gentleman came by our office last week, and in many ways, he embodied the indomitable, charitable spirit of Roswell. The gentleman said he...

Spielberg offered to aid in UN UFO effort

Steven Spielberg is really into UFOs. This is not too hard to imagine given movies like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “ET: The...

America has been blessed with visionary leaders

Each year as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I like to take the opportunity to thank the editor of this paper, and share with...


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