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C & J Drug Screening LLC offers a very competitive drug and alcohol program which not only meets, but exceeds compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines. Did you know that anybody with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and/ or operates a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) is required to be in a random drug and alcohol testing program? C & J Drug Screening will take care of all your drug and alcohol screening needs with complete and thorough documentation and timely random selections every quarter with scientifically valid methods of random selection. C & J Drug Screening has a good reputation for taking care of the people in their pool group, providing them with the information needed to keep up with DOT guidelines for drug and alcohol testing.

We provide company policies which is required for employers and employees. We also offer DOT – Compliant Supervisor Training for Reasonable Suspicion. DOT Supervisor Training for Workplace Drug Abuse Awareness and Reasonable Suspicion is a Federal requirement for all supervisors of any DOT regulated company personnel. Our DOT supervisor training will empower your supervisors and managers to deal with employee workplace drug and alcohol use and drug abuse confidently and effectively.

C & J Drug Screening can do the same for non-regulated companies in need of drug testing programs. Did you know that approximately 69 percent of all drug users are employed? Using drugs impairs decision making abilities and physically impairs individuals. This can cause tremendous consequences to the employee, co-workers and your business. Alcohol abuse can cause the same undesired effects as well.

Signs of drug and alcohol abuse may include but aren’t limited to:

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Poor work performance.
Frequently call out of or come in late to work.
Frequently changing occupations.
Struggles with productivity.
Conflicts with co-workers.
Filing for workers compensation claims and benefits.

Companies with drug and alcohol screening programs are shown to display:

Increased morale.
Decreased workplace accidents.
Reduced employee theft.
Increased productivity.
Reduced employee turnover.
Decreased cost of insurance i.e. workers compensation, accident claims, etc.

Drug and alcohol programs are worth the minimal cost to employers compared to running the risks of not implementing a program at all. C & J Drug Screening is here to help you keep you and your business conduct a safe, efficient and profitable business and has done so for the last 14 years. We are a small business and that means we can give personal attention to all of your drug and alcohol screening needs.

C & J Drug Screening

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