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On behalf of the Wakefield family, we would like to thank all those who reached out and offered their condolences for the passing of Wendell Wakefield. The community outreach and support our family felt was greatly appreciated.

Wakefield Oil Co. will continue to stay in the Wakefield family and is now being run by the second generation, as Wendell had always hoped. The Wakefield family has heard some rumors that Wakefield Oil Co. is being sold, bought out, or is closing their doors. None of these rumors are true. The Wakefield family continues to run the family business and will continue to build upon the legacy that Wendell left.

Wakefield Oil Co. is here to continue to serve the fuel and oil needs of South East New Mexico. At 311 South Virginia you can get full service at the gas pumps. An attendant will come out and fill up your tank and wash your windshield. They can also check your tire pressure and fluids under the hood if you need them to.

For all your bulk fuel needs or oil needs, Wakefield is here to serve you as well. They deliver to all of South Eastern New Mexico and even into West Texas. Wakefield also offers multiple fueling locations and can service your truck fleet with a proprietary card that can be customized to track the information you need.

For over 30 years, Wakefield Oil Co. has been here to serve you.
Although it is now being ran by the second generation, the motto continues: “Give Us the Chance to Earn Your Business.” Call us today at 575-622-4160.

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Wakefield Oil Co.
311 S Virginia Ave | 575-622-4160

Wakefield Oil Co. – Artesia
401 N 1st St | 575-746-4622

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