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Roswell Humane Society Community Yard Sale


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The Roswell Community Yard Sale is a great way to draw in more traffic which, in turn, will generate more profits for you. Also, when you purchase a space at the community yard sale, that fee is contributed to the Humane Society. Any profits you collect at the yard sale are yours to keep unless you choose to donate.

If you have any saleable items left over from the sale that you don’t want to take home, the Humane Society will have a trailer there if you choose to donate them to the thrift store. All proceeds from the Humane Society Thrift Store go towards helping the homeless animals that the kennel cares for on a daily basis.
The Roswell Humane Society is not funded by any city, grant or government entity. They’re supported by local community donations and the Thrift Store. Permits/spots for the community yard sale are available at 703 E McGaffey St. Deadline for entry is 4/21 at 12 pm. More info online at roswellhumane.org. If you have any questions about the yard sale please call (575) 622-8950.
The Roswell Humane Society & Enrique thank all who have been with us from the beginning and welcome any new sellers to join us on this fun filled day. We look forward to seeing new faces and welcome all shoppers to come and seek new treasures.

All information regarding the Roswell Community Yard Sale is printed in the sample permit below: