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Get hands-on with archaeology event


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On Saturday, the library will be hosting a free all-day event in the Bondurant Room. The Office of Archaeological Studies will be featuring a hands-on exploration of New Mexico archaeology and prehistoric life using a wide range of artifacts to tell the story.
The artifacts are essentially arranged as a timeline that begins with the earliest Paleoindian Clovis and Folsom Points and proceeds through various time periods to about the time of World War II.
Library patrons of all ages will have direct hands-on experience with a wide range of local discoveries, as well as being able to talk with and ask questions of a real-life archaeologist. These pieces of history will teach participants about preservation, cultural diversity and our environment.
For more information, visit 301 N. Pennsylvania Ave. or call 575-622-7101. The library is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and 2 to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

Book Talk by Tomás González
Reference Librarian
Roswell has grown to be mostly known for the alien spaceship crash that may or may not have happened north of town, but there are many other treasures that can be found in Roswell and this state.
One of these treasures is the collection of authors that hail from Roswell. Here is a look at two local fiction authors that have their books available for checkout at the Roswell Public Library.
“Summer of Champions” by Dewey Johnson is a take on life in Roswell in the year 1956 with the backdrop of the championship run by the Lions Hondo Little League team that won the Little League World Series that year, though in the book they are portrayed as the fictional Roswell Hondo All Stars.
The story is from the perspective of an 11-year-old boy named Joe Don Miller, a standout baseball player, as well as an outstanding student.
What should be a carefree time in a young boy’s life is far from that in Don’s world. He must deal with the death of his father in the Korean War, his mother losing her job under unfair circumstances, one of his favorite teachers being arrested and other tragic events that put his world in turmoil.
To escape these troubling times, he turns to his family, friends and baseball in order to take a break from the issues he is facing. He learns many life lessons along the way that make him a better person, as he realizes what is truly important.
The “Sorrell Janes Series” is a mystery series written by Lonna Enox that follows the trials and tribulations of retired investigative reporter, Sorrell Janes.
Janes relocates to the fictional town of Saddle Gap, New Mexico after the death of her husband who was murdered by cartel.
Janes believes that her past is finally behind her and is able to move on with her life. She opens a gift shop and tries to focus on other things such as her passion for photography.
However, those dreams of a new start and a better life do not come to fruition. Throughout the series, Janes gets wrapped up in murders, kidnappings and other mysteries.
The past she had hoped to escape soon comes back to haunt her as the detective assigned to help in these cases seeks to find out the truth about both the crimes and Janes’ hidden past.
Amanda Davis is a reference librarian at the Roswell Public Library. She can be contacted at A.Davis@roswell-nm.gov.