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Married couple plans to win HISI; Brittany and Brandon Williams ready for tourney with coed, women’s teams

Brittany Williams, second from left, and Brandon Williams, third from right, pose with their coed team “Dudes N Bubes” after winning first place in their division at the Hike It and Spike It 4-on-4 Charity Flag Football Tournament in 2015. Also pictured from left are Tasha Perez, Jesse Mesquita, Jaime Silva, 3-year-old Alysandra Williams, Russell Pollard and Dara Sanders-Aceves. (Submitted Photo)

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Some married couples like to spend their free time going to the movie theater, while others prefer for a night indoors. Some married couples may go to a wine tasting, or perhaps watch a local play during their spare time.
But for Brandon and Brittany Williams, they like to spend their free time playing flag football; they plan on annihilating the competition at this year’s Hike It and Spike It 4-on-4 Charity Flag Football Tournament.
Brandon is captain of his coed team, “Gridtastic 8” and Brittany is captain of her women’s team “Foxy Chicks.” She is also on the roster for “Gridtastic 8,” along with three women and four men.
The players on “Gridtastic 8,” in addition to Brandon and Brittany, are Russell Pollard, Dara Sanders-Aceves, Jaime Silva, Tasha Perez, Billy Quiroz and Jereme Johnson.
The roster for “Foxy Chicks,” in addition to Brittany, include Jeanette Williams, Jasmine Small, Tyler Armstrong, Jaime Silva, Maddy Glainyk and Kayleen Willard.
Brandon believes his coed squad can win by creating mismatches on their opponents.
“We, on our coed team, are blessed enough to have athletes at every single skill level,” he said. “So we can set ourselves up to be where a team may try to set us up for a mismatch, I feel like we can counteract that with a mismatch of our own.”
Brittany said that flag football becomes a whole new game when women are on the field.
“Women that go out to play this sport are very athletic and they have a lot of heart. They have fun, too,” she said. “Some of them can actually be a little bit more aggressive than men. And it’s a completely different game than men.”
Brandon said he knows the women on his coed team can handle anything on the field.
“I have faith in every single one of my girls that they can go up for a jump ball with any guy that’s out there and come down with the ball,” he said.
“I have the confidence in our girls,” he added. “I have the confidence in our guys and, you know, everyone has confidence within each other.”
When asked what his team hopes to accomplish at this year’s tournament, Brandon gave a realistic answer.
“No injuries. We’re all getting old, and so if we can escape without the sunburn and injuries…” Brandon said with a laugh. “No, I mean the ultimate goal is always to win.”
But winning is a practical goal for Brandon and his team, because the core of the team has been playing together for seven years now.
“When you play together long enough, you should be able to look at somebody and they know what you want to do,” Brandon said. “That’s what we strive for all the time is, you know, silent communication is half the thing. And when you can get to that level, it’s tough to stop it.”
The core players, over the course of their time playing, has experimented with different names and they are familiar with victory. In 2015, their team “Dudes N Bubes” won first place in their division. The women’s team has also tasted victory, winning second place in 2014 under the name “Hugh Jass Construction.”
Brittany and her husband have been volunteering at Hike It and Spike It for over a decade because they love everything about the tournament.
“We try and do as much as we can because we enjoy the event so much,” Brittany said. “We just want to be involved and be able to help as much as we can, give back, because they do just a great job. Being a part of it is a lot of fun, we look forward to it.”
“Gridtastic 8” will be playing on Field CC at 9:30 a.m. Saturday and “Foxy Chicks” will be playing on Field M at 10 a.m. Saturday.
The 22nd annual Hike It and Spike It 4-on-4 Charity Flag Football Tournament will take place over Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-28, at the Cielo Grande Recreation Area, 1612 W. College Blvd.
For more information on the tourney, visit roswellgridiron.com or check out the Daily Record’s special edition, Gridiron Gazette, which will be out Friday. Copies will be available at registration.