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Citizens disappointed with new city signs


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Recently, I posted a picture of the new “Welcome to Roswell” sign on Facebook. The caption read: “Here is a picture of what a $120,000.00 welcome sign looks like.”
This post was shared by 405 people and counting as of this letter. That amounts to an organic reach of between 15,000 to 30,000 views and about 500 people reacted to it.
Ninety percent of people who commented on the post were disappointed at the amount of money the city spent on these signs. Many were surprised that the city would spend so much on these signs, yet nothing on other projects that were closer to the heart of the community at large. Even if the funds were earmarked for promoting tourism, surely there are ways to get a bigger bang for the bucks. To add a bit of perspective to the issue, you could build a modest home for the price of one of those signs.
In my opinion, there seems to be a pattern with this city’s administration, to circumvent the public and push forward high-dollar projects with little or no regard for public opinion. An example is an increase in Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) to fund another high-dollar project that no one can put a solid number to.
With retail businesses closing in ever larger numbers, new one’s reluctant to relocate here for a number of reasons, too many to name here, and lack of employment opportunities, it seems like a smaller portion of an already burdened population will be footing the bill.
Fred Moran