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Desert Palms, LLC. Carpet & Tile Cleaning


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Jason Allison is the owner and operator of Desert Palms LLC Cleaning Service which is proud to serve Roswell and the surrounding area’s needs for thorough cleaning, residentially and commercially. As a fully licensed company for residential and commercial service based in Roswell, they see to it that your service is done right the first time.

Cleaning Services Include:

• 24 Hour Emergency Water Extraction

• Pet Stain Removal

• Residential Carpet Cleaning

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• Commercial Carpet Cleaning

• Tile Cleaning

• Janitorial Services

• Auto Upholstery Cleaning

• Boat & RV Cleaning

• Residential Cleaning Services

• Commercial Cleaning Services

• Truck Mounted Equipment using Soft Water

License #373811

Most of us like to think we can keep our carpets clean on our own, thank you very much. We just need to vacuum every other week or so and do our best to blot the stains and clean up after the pets, right? Wrong. Almost all flooring manufacturers require the floors be professionally steam cleaned every 12 to 24 months to keep the warranty valid. In other words, vacuuming/ sweeping isn’t enough and neither is steaming the carpets ourselves.

Jason is heavily involved in his profession.

If the warranty isn’t of concern or it has already expired, consider these facts then: a single human body loses 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells every minute of the day – almost 9 pounds of skin cells yearly. By the time you finish reading this editorial, you’ve probably lost about 120,000 skin cells. An average person loses 100 to 150 strands of hair a day. Multiply that times 365 and you get a good idea of how much shedding we can do. Of course, these statistics only apply to us humans – pets are a whole other story.

Depending on whether you have a cat or a dog, the amount of shedding they can do depends greatly on size and breed but one thing is clear – the amount of hair shed could be compounded exponentially and is also at its worst entering the summer months. Allergens are another matter to consider which can seriously discomfort those susceptible to allergies in early Summer months – a.k.a. “allergy season”.

Desert Palms mobile cleaning unit utilizes some of the most efficient cleaning equipment engineered delivering maximum performance for residential & commercial applications.

Using the latest cleaning methods, tools and soft water equipped trucks, they ensure that all customers are satisfied with their exceptional commitment to quality. Desert Palms Cleaning Service offer many years of experience; over 30 years combined and Jason with 12+ years of hands-on experience himself. Jason also takes passion in educating his 3 boys, Ethan, Aiden and Hunter, the “wall-to-wall” operations of his business.

Needless to say, Desert Palms carries extensive knowledge of various carpet, tile and upholstered surface needs and specialize in water remediation. This makes Desert Palms fit to clean your home or office precisely the way it should be done. Protect your investment and refresh your space, all at a fair price with Desert Palms – your local and professional choice. Desert Palms is also available 24 hours a day for emergency water extraction.

So, whether you want to get some Spring cleaning done, stow away for Fall/ Winter or clean up after holiday guests/ customers, you’re going to need a good cleaning and Desert Palms LLC Cleaning is your solution – (575) 626-9460.

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