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Taxing food would be wrong for families


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You said in your newspaper that you welcomed editorials: Well, I believe Gov. Susana Martinez is wrong to try and put tax on food.
The food prices are sky-high now. The grocery stores used to say that the trucks delivering the food raised the prices on food because the gasoline to bring the food to the stores was very high. That is no longer the case.
Still, the prices keep going up and up and up. When will it stop? To put a tax on food will cause all the registers that show the prices of the food, tax on unfood items, the total and the change to the customer. All of these registers will have to be reworked and I’m sure the cost of doing that will be charged to the consumer, thus making prices even higher.
This is costly and time-consuming to all stores that sell food. This is a bad idea and this reflects all of the stores all over New Mexico.
I’d rather see a few cents go up on gasoline than on very much-needed food to feed our families.
I pray this doesn’t happen.
Carol Seifert

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