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Party to celebrate summer reading


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The Summer Reading Program will begin once again on June 1! This year, we’re throwing a kick-off party to celebrate in the Malone Room of the children’s area. The theme for this summer is “Build a Better World,” so in addition to signing up for Summer Reading, if you bring in five non-perishable food items, you’ll also receive a book bag and rootbeer float.
The items will be donated to Harvest Ministries to “build a better world” by giving to the community and are not necessary to participate in the Summer Reading Program. Registration for Summer Reading is also open all summer long, so you don’t have to make the party to participate.
For more information, visit 301 N. Pennsylvania Ave., call 575-622-7101 or follow the library on Facebook and Instagram.

Book Talk by Claire Gutierrez
Children’s Librarian
How can you make a difference in your local community and our global community? One word people are hearing more and more about is recycling. By caring where waste goes and recycling some of what would normally go in the trash, people can keep our world safer and more beautiful. Roswell currently has eight drop-off sites across the city where you can recycle your No. 1 and 2 plastics, paper, cardboard and aluminum. Even though they’re in the children’s section, the following titles are recommended for people of all ages to read. These books are eye-opening, educational and still fun to read while enjoying the illustrations.
When you throw something away, where is “away?” This is the question posed by “What a Waste!: Where Does Garbage Go?” This book has fun, bright illustrations to help illuminate the facts found throughout. Archaeologists can tell a lot about the people who lived or passed through areas by the garbage they leave. North Americans produce more than 4.5 pounds of waste every day. Just multiply that by the 579 million people who occupy North America a year and that’s almost 1 million pounds of pure waste.
New York alone spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year to send its garbage more than 310 miles away. Singapore had a similar issue and ended up creating an artificial island just for waste. Even Mount Everest is not immune to poop and waste. Twelve tons of poop alone are estimated to be left on the magnificent mountain each season. Although the facts about how much garbage is currently polluting the planet are crushing, this book offers several lights at the end of the tunnel.
Pages are “littered” with “Smart Person” blurbs about individuals who have found ways to stop or lower the amount of waste produced, including Boyan Slat, a young man who set up a foundation to produce his invention that could potentially collect 42 percent of the plastic floating in oceans in just 10 years. Quite a start.
“Slick” by Sara Cassidy follows a young girl who loathes the man her mother is dating — he works for a big oil company, so she has given him the nickname “Slick.” She finds out that the company he works for is polluting a small village and decides to take action to stop them. She puts together a group called GRRR (Girls for Renewable Resources, Really).
This story is a quick read, but the overall message that one young person can affect positive change can be admired by other up-and-coming activists or even spark an interest in other young people who feel the need to promote positive change in their community and beyond.
Amanda Davis is a reference librarian at the Roswell Public Library. She can be contacted at A.Davis@roswell-nm.gov.