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Republicans should ditch the filibuster


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Most of my family and some of my friends are Democrats. They list to the left when they walk, and some are so radical it’s a miracle they can stand. They’re all thieves. The only thing they hate more than cutting taxes is getting rid of them, and they get apoplectic about privatizing Social Security because it prevents them from taking your money.
They encourage others to steal, too. They want to double the minimum wage, and some of you think it’s OK to pick the businessman’s pocket just as you believe a free college education costs nothing.
Doing away with fossil-fuel jobs, making college unaffordable and not requiring the able-bodied to work enlarges the moocher class, fills Democrats’ wallets and amasses their political power. They’ve shrunk the middle class by giving our manufacturing jobs to foreigners, and they’ve lowered the pay of our poorest citizens by allowing illegal aliens to work.
Jesus said it’s wicked to do nothing; not to care, not to love, not to work, yet they treat the poor as helpless. Many parents who don’t or won’t work, drink, drug and neglect their children. If you want to end generation after generation of poverty, stop feeding and housing them unless they’re full-time students or work 30 hours a week. Then, cut them off after five years so they can get help from their families and their community like it was before food stamps.
Democrats substituted God’s liberty of conscience with a doctrine that doesn’t permit free will, and what you read in the newspaper or watch on the evening news is propaganda. You have to tune to talk radio or Fox News to discover the truth. The Democrat press is trying to overturn the election of our president and scare Republicans. If Republicans say the president’s plans are dead on arrival, make them tell you why Democrats are in charge if there’s a Republican president and Republican Congress.
To put Democrats in their place, Republicans must ditch the filibuster; pass all of the president’s agenda, fine officials who won’t detain illegal aliens, jail officials who release aliens that harm our citizens, and deny student and research grants to colleges that punish or unlawfully limit speech.
Respectfully, your knuckle-dragging, Bible-banging, flag-waving neighbor.
Ralph Rivera