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The continued war on terror


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“Trump’s gonna get us into a war,” people say. We’re fighting one, and we’re not shooting in another, and unless a new enemy emerges, there’s no other war. We have two enemies, North Korea and Iran. Russia and China are rivals, but they don’t want to fight us because they have nothing to gain and much to lose.

We’re in a timeout with North Korea, and they’re miniaturizing atomic warheads to put onto missiles to point at us. President Trump told the Chinese to stop them or we will, and if Trump is like Reagan, it’s not an empty threat. Some say the war on terror started with the birth of Muhammed and others on 9/11 when 3,000 people were killed.
For me, it began when Iran took Americans hostage. They let our citizens go when Reagan became president because he promised Iran war if they weren’t released.
When Iranians called for their government to step down, Obama said and did nothing, yet he overthrew Libya where Gaddafi had renounced terrorism and had given up weapons of mass destruction. When Egyptians ousted the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama objected, and when he drew a red line in Syria and Assad gassed his people, he did nothing. Obama called ISIS the JV, and they’ve since carried out attacks in 29 countries.
When Assad used gas, Trump struck and said more blows would come if he did it again. Obama gave Iran what they wanted, and when Trump became president, Arabs welcomed him as the cure for Obama’s stupidity. Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations are now fighting against Iranian-backed terrorists, and they’re considering what action to take against their own citizens that foment and fund hate.
When Nadal Hassan killed soldiers at Fort Hood, Obama called it workplace violence even though Hassan corresponded with an Islamist. Obama didn’t even let our spies view social media, which could keep Islamists from harming us. Trump allows commanders to determine rules of engagement, and we should fight political correctness. When anyone talks of provoking the enemy, racial profiling and religious tests, they’re unfit to serve in the military and Congress.
Why do Iran and North Korea want nuclear weapons, and why do Democrats choose to help our enemies?
Respectfully, your knuckle-dragging, Bible-banging, flag-waving neighbor.
Ralph Rivera

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