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Education is a tool to ending one’s poverty


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As I see it, the way to reduce society’s dependence on government is to provide affordable access to education and health care. Some like to characterize the poor as unwilling to help themselves up because they’ve become too comfortable with the government providing for them.
I think people want to do better, want to be part of a productive society and are willing to work to that end given the opportunity, however, there are obstacles on the path to self-sufficiency. Obstacles created by legislators who represent the special interest funding their campaigns and not their constituents.
Unwilling to look at the bigger picture, they become bogged down in ideology. The poor become the scapegoat for a system filled with systematic corruption. Each side uses that demographic (the poor) as a means to an end while keeping us distracted from real issues we face as a nation and society. The real problem is government: the poor are simply a by-product of an obtuse political system.
We are all familiar with the adage, “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day — but give a man a rod and teach him to fish and he will feed himself.” In my opinion, education and health care are the two basic tools, the “rod” if you will, that Americans need to lift themselves out of poverty.
Fred Moran

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