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People’s opinions shaped by media


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Now we have a consequence of ignoring the good news and focusing on the negative news about President Trump.

The media has desired “to make a difference” for a long time, and they have succeeded.
Polls show the way the people’s opinions have been shaped by the media and opposition party supporters and office-holder communications, even to the point of discussing impeachment so soon after the election. Angry rhetoric has progressed to the point where those with half a mind to take the matter into their own hands have started.
The attack on the GOP baseball team is a case in point. There are some who can’t see any good to what Donald Trump campaigned to do and is trying to do in order to fulfill his election promises. The media’s continual harping on the negative feeds the anger. Now we have attempted murder.
Isn’t concern about radical jihadists enough to worry about? The enemy gains strength when attention is diverted from the real danger. The media better change the tone of their reports or we can expect more of what happened on the baseball field.
Dick Bartlett