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Residents urged to take precautions during extreme heat


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It’s that time of year again, Roswell feels like it’s a human oven hitting triple-digit highs.

In regards to these extreme temperatures, the New Mexico Department of Health has concern for the people and encourages residents to take precautions while being exposed to this weather.
A few tips they have suggested are to stay cool and indoors as much as possible, stay hydrated and drink lots of water, avoid alcohol or liquids that contain high amounts of sugar, find a replacement for salt and minerals, wear lightweight and light-colored clothing to attract less heat, try to keep all activities inside or limited when outside, pace yourself and don’t over do it and never leave your children or pets in cars.
The residents with the highest risk of being most affected by this heat are the elderly, the very young and people with chronic diseases, however this heat can affect anyone. So even if you are none of the three, you are still vulnerable to these temperatures.
The weather is supposed to hit 100 degrees and more just about every day this week, so everyone is urged to take precautions.
Also, keep in mind, public places one can go to stay out of the heat include the Roswell Public Library, the Roswell Visitors Center, the Roswell Mall and the Roswell Museum and Art Center.