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Berrendo Cooperative water access problems attributed to leak


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A leak in a water line is being blamed for widespread water problems experienced recently by members of the Berrendo Cooperative Water User Association.

“It’s just all of a sudden,” said Tammy Roberts, a Berrendo water association member. “We have a few drips of water around 7 a.m.”
Roberts said she did not receive a call or warning about the lack of water availability, but if there had been an alert, she said she would have been more forgiving.
Multiple water users expressed concerns to the Daily Record Tuesday about water access, especially frustration with not being able to take a shower in the morning.
Another member of Berrendo water, Gabriel Cobos, said he’s had barely enough water to wash his face.
“There is no water in the mornings, and evenings,” he said. “6 a.m. — no water. 8 a.m. — no water, and then barely any about 10 a.m.”
Cobos said he contacted Linda Livingston, manager of the Berrendo Cooperative Water User Association, seeking answers.
Livingston told the newspaper the 9-mile water system looping around Roswell had experienced a leak, although she added everyone in the water system has water.
“We did just find an 8-inch leak in the water line,” Livingston said. “These are just common occurrences that happen while running a city water system. I do have a problem and we are addressing it.”
Similar reports of low water pressure, or no water at all, were reported in March by Berrendo water users, particularly occurring late at night and in the early morning.
Livingston said at the time, the repair of faulty probes in the main water tank should alleviate the sporadic water problems reported in March.
The Berrendo Cooperative Water User Association, which serves 1,600 customers, has a new $6.4 million system that includes a new well and new water tank near Sixmile Hill, on the south side of Highway 70. The 9-mile water system with 47,000 feet of new 12-inch pipe allows the water association to pump water in both directions.


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