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There’s still time to sign up for reading program


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The Summer Reading Program is well underway and if you haven’t registered, there’s still plenty of time left to read.

Once you sign up to participate, keep track of how many hours you spend reading or listening to materials from the Roswell Public Library. Regular books, eBooks, audiobooks, even kids listening to their parents read to them, all count.
You’ll earn a prize for every five hours turned in. If you read 20 hours before the program ends on July 31, you can earn a Summer Reading t-shirt and continue reading for entries into the grand prize drawings. Visit the Children’s area to sign up, all ages are welcome!
For more information, you can visit 301 N. Pennsylvania Ave. or call 575-622-7101.

Book Talk by Robert Briggs
Circulation Supervisor
Before “Twilight,” vampires didn’t sparkle. They might try to abstain from human blood, fall in love with humans, or have an existential crisis, but they were still savage creatures that rarely, if ever, walked during the day. When one was powerful enough to come out in the sun, he or she certainly didn’t sparkle. For those longing for a good story about the frightening, non-glittering people of the night, there’s no better place to look than the Roswell Public Library.
Anne Rice is an icon in the world of vampire literature. Her Vampire Chronicles series include multiple bestsellers and have spawned two movies. In her newest book of the series, “Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis,” Lestat, a vampire who was once an 18th century nobleman, explores the origins of the vampire race.
His rebellious and inquisitive nature has put him at odds with other immortals, often angering them, but he is also hailed as a leader and a hero among many of the vampire citizens of the world. It is due to this nature that he has learned to coexist with an ancient spirit that has possessed his body and it’s because of this spirit that he is able to explore the true origins of his kind and their link to the lost world of Atlantis.
Though this book retains the gothic tone of all of the previous Vampire Chronicles books, Rice has weaved in science fiction elements to create a unique experience that’s sure to keep veteran fans interested.
Swedish author, John Ajvide Lindqvist, has created a truly horrifying story in “Let Me In.” Oskar, a 12-year-old boy growing up in Blackeberg, Sweden, is suffering from intense bullying at his school. Oskar is secretly hoping for a violent end to his tormentors and when strange murders start to shock the small suburb, he is hopeful that the bullies will meet a gruesome end.
His attention to the murders is diverted when a girl that looks to be his age moves into his apartment complex. Oskar notices that the girl only comes out at night and a few interactions with her shows that she is much more clever than other kids their age. The girl, Eli, seems uninterested in a friendship with Oskar at first, but they soon form a bond that Oskar has never felt with any other person.
Through his friendship with Eli, Oskar learns that the monsters we read about in scary stories are real, but his experiences have already taught him that people can be crueler than any monster. Perhaps one of the more beautifully disturbing books in the vampire genre, those looking for something other than the sappy melodrama of the teen melodramatic vampire genre will likely love “Let Me In.”
Amanda Davis is a reference librarian at the Roswell Public Library. She can be contacted at A.Davis@roswell-nm.gov.