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Why can’t we all just get along?


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Why can’t we just all get along? This extreme level of polarization and division currently present in our nation is so very obstructive to any form of compromise in solving the real issues facing our nation.

Regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation or political ideologies, we are all God’s creation. We’re all Americans with the long-term survival and prosperity of our nation as shared and common interests.
Eric Trump said recently, Democrats who criticize his father are not even people. Almost daily, I read some comment where conservatives are bashing liberals, or vice versa. With understanding we can, and we should, celebrate and appreciate our differences. The dictionary defines a liberal as a person open to the acceptance of new ideas and opinions, a progressive as a person favoring the implementation of liberal ideas, and a conservative as a person adverse to change while holding traditional values and attitudes. We are who we are.
I would think Eric Trump speaks for his father, his entire family, as well as the majority of Trump supporters. Considering Donald Trump’s authoritarian mentality and regressive policy proposals, I suspect the division and polarization will only get worse.
With all the negative criticisms coming from our president and his supporters, I feel the need to defend the liberals, the progressives and the entire Democratic Party. From the Founding Fathers of our nation to our modern day political leaders, progressive liberals have brought about virtually every change for the betterment of our nation.
The drafting of our Constitution is a perfect example of the creativity of progressive liberal minds having produced one of the most perfect documents ever created. In more modern history, another example would be Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” which served to create the greatest economic expansion in the history of our nation.
According to the historians’ ranking of U.S. presidents, the top 10 rankings are all progressive liberals, while the 10 lowest ranked presidents have all been conservatives. By understanding our differences we can find respect for all our fellow Americans, and for all humanity.
John Grogan