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Getting along based on similar values


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“Why can’t we all just get along?” asks John Grogan in his letter to the editor in Wednesday’s edition of the RDR.

The answer may be at the top of the same page as his letter: “Exploring the division among us — values” by Vic Topmiller Jr. from the Silver City Daily Press. His theory is that we all don’t have the same values like the Founding Fathers had when they came to this country after the Reformation.
They felt the newfound freedom from the church/government conspiracy, but it was still imbedded in their minds as they wrote new laws by which they would be governed. This was possible because they, for the most part, had the same values and were seeking the same goals.
He goes on to say our current problems of division come from very different value systems. There is no common goal and no way to get there. Mr. Grogan left out one definition of a liberal: tolerant of views different from one’s own. We don’t see much of that today. He says our Founding Fathers were progressive. Obama is a progressive and he did everything he could to get around our Constitution. He then gives FDR’s “New Deal” credit for “the greatest economic expansion in the history of our nation.” That only happened after, and because of, WWII. Is it possible that his historians’ rankings of the top and bottom 10 presidents were all made by liberal historians?
Robert J. Morris