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Veterans deserve respect at MVD


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Step up fellow veterans. Just how messed up is our state of New Mexico, USA?

The Motor Vehicle Division made us produce DD-214s (which we had to do the first time) to transfer veteran plates to new vehicles. They will honor DD-214s for licenses plates, but they won’t honor DD-214s for driver’s licenses.
Now, to renew my driver license they required a birth certificate (original) from a hospital that was burnt down years ago. They want a Social Security card and won’t accept my 30-year military retired ID card with my Social Security Number that was my service number, also copies of utility bills and (can you believe) previous driver’s license.
New Mexico USA says they respect veterans. I served our country for 30 years for the right of New Mexico USA Division of Motor Vehicles to be as ignorant as they are.
Speak up fellow veterans. It effects us all. We are Americans.
Jim Scott

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