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Speaker declares UFO did crash in Roswell; Courtney Brown argues on behalf of extraterrestrials by use of remote viewing

Courtney Brown points to a still from the documentary “Roswell: Crash at Corona” at a drawing of an extraterrestrial he claims crashed near Roswell in 1947. Brown argues that, through the use of remote viewing, a mental process involving psychic ability that allows the transfer of information across time and space, he's able to prove it was not a weather balloon that crashed near Roswell. (Katy Ross Photo)

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There were many topics discussed at the first day of the Roswell Daily Record’s sponsored event “The Roswell Incident,” but perhaps the most captivating was Courtney Brown’s declaration that extraterrestrials did, in fact, crash near Roswell 70 years ago.

He said during his presentation Friday he discovered it through the phenomenon of remote viewing — a controlled, trainable mental process involving psychic ability that transfers perceptual information across time and space. With the evidence that followed, he said it was more than a weather balloon that crashed in July 1947.
Brown is the director and founder of The Farsight Institute, a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to understanding remote viewing through the process of scientific experimentation, according to the organization’s website. He told audience members three individuals performed a remote viewing on the crash of Roswell in the two-part documentary, “Roswell: Crash at Corona.” In the documentary, Dick Allgire, Daz Smith and Aziz Brown are the three individuals who performed the remote viewing.
Without any communication between them, as well as working alone, they all came to the same conclusion.
Brown said they found that a crash did occur and that the ship was a part of an extraterrestrial fleet. The crash was a result of an external energy discharge that caused the ship to malfunction. Interestingly enough, the occupants were not wearing seat belts.
The remote viewers also discovered the craft’s transportation was across time and space and was interdimensional; the occupants could view their travels across screens that showed interdimensional and time elements.
In addition, they found that the ship traveled over at least one city before crashing near Roswell.
The occupants in the ship were hairless, slender and appeared frail, according to the remote viewers’ findings; they had large, black, oval-shaped eyes.
Brown also told audience members that the remote viewers discovered information on the origins of the UFO. Their findings suggest the craft had previous locations, was occasionally stored underground and flew with a fleet in space. Also, all of the subjects in and around it were humanoid, meaning they looked similar to humans.
In his presentation, Brown said that remote viewers from The Farsight Institute also participate in a monthly project called the Time-Cross Project, in which they predict major news events a month before they actually occur. The sessions are recorded live and then uploaded to YouTube.
Before he revealed what the remote viewers discovered, Brown spent the first 30 minutes of his presentation explaining the theory of remote viewing.
After his presentation, audience members watched both parts of the documentary.
The event began with Chase Kloetzke, a member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and an active investigator in national UFO cases, introducing the event.
“This is going to be a memorable weekend as we all celebrate the event that sparked the modern UFO era,” she said. “It was the Roswell Daily Record that broke the story and it’s most appropriate, it’s really exciting to spend this special time with Roswell staff and volunteers that work at the paper.”
Kloetzke introduced David Marler, the first speaker of Friday’s event. Marler conducted numerous investigations into alleged UFO sightings and related experiences during his tenure with the MUFON. He also owns one of the largest personal libraries of UFO journals, books, case files, newspaper clippings and magazines from across the world. The collection covers the last 65 years.
In his talk titled “New Mexico and 1947 – Setting the Stage,” Marler analyzed New Mexico’s military history and technological developments near the time of the crash. He argued that if an outside intelligence, such as extraterrestrials, wanted to judge the level of human technology on Earth, New Mexico would have been the optimal choice.
He stressed that Roswell was not the start of the UFO phenomenon; he examined UFO cases that occurred before the infamous Roswell crash, an example being “The Battle of LA,” which occurred in 1942.
Numerous speakers are slated to present at today’s event, including Debbie Ziegelmeyer and Chuck Zukowski, Marc D’Antonio, Alejandro Rojas, Nick Pope and Linda Moulton Howe.
Richard M. Dolan will start off the last day of the event on Sunday. A full speaker panel with audience participation will follow. The event will end with an award presentation.
Josh Gates, the host and executive producer of the hit Travel Channel show “Expedition Unknown,” is scheduled to make a guest appearance at “The Roswell Incident,” although the date and time of his appearance was unknown by press time Friday.
For a complete look at the schedule or to find out more information on the event, visit roswellincident.com.
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