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Roswell crash still offering new hints 70 years on; Investigators say there’s still evidence to find, describe recent encounter with possible UFO

Audience members listen to field investigators Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer discuss their behind the scenes investigation on the Roswell crash of 1947. They also experienced a possible UFO sighting while in Roswell last year. (Katy Ross Photo)

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Some may believe, since the Roswell crash occurred 70 years ago, that there is nothing left to uncover. But for Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer, they are still investigating the infamous Roswell incident.

Zukowski and Ziegelmeyer, siblings and field investigators, kicked off the second day of the Daily Record event, “The Roswell Incident,” Saturday with their presentation “A Behind the Scenes Investigation of the Roswell Incident.”
In their presentation, Zukowski and Ziegelmeyer recalled their various investigations on the Roswell crash spanning over a decade, as well as interviews with key eyewitnesses, including Mac Brazel’s granddaughter and Jesse Marcel Jr.
In the early 2000’s, the dynamic duo participated in archeological dig sites in an attempt to discover new evidence on the crash.
A piece of evidence they found, for example, was a horse bridle artifact. Zukowski added military officials would have gone to the crash site on horseback.
They also found a piece of metal that, they said, was not native to the Roswell area, but can still be found on Earth.
Zukowski has been involved with different categories of research and field investigations since the early ’80s, including UFOs, alien sightings, ghost investigations, Bigfoot and animal mutilations. He was featured in “The 37th Parallel,” a New York Times best-selling book written by Ben Mezrich. The book, which was released on Sept. 6, 2016, has been optioned for a movie. It is rumored that Robert Downey Jr. is interested in portraying Zukowski.
Ziegelmeyer was also featured in “The 37th Parallel.” She has many titles, including the Missouri Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) State Director, Director of the MUFON Dive Team, MUFON Star Team Investigator and MUFON Business Board of Directors. She has investigated over 1,000 UFO sighting reports, including over 700 MUFON cases and became a 1947 Roswell crash investigator in 2001.
Last year, while Zukowski and Ziegelmeyer visited Roswell while running a follow-up investigation, they both had a personal experience with a possible UFO.
On July 3, 2016, they drove in Zukowski’s truck to stargaze outside of Roswell. Zukowski saw a single bright flash of light in the sky. Thinking the flash was a meteorite, he ignored the flash and decided to show his sister his new front light bar he installed on his truck, which was activated by a remote control.
He turned on the strobe setting for the lights and, to their left in the clear sky, two very bright flashes of light appeared.
Shocked, he turned on the strobe lights again and the flashes of light soon followed. They did this numerous times and the flashes followed.
They could not think of a plausible explanation for the lights, as the sky was completely clear and they couldn’t see anything in the sky besides the stars and the Milky Way.
Speaker Alejandro Rojas, the director of operations at Open Minds Productions, spoke on Jesse Marcel Jr. as well as the latest updates on the investigation of Roswell.
Rojas was close to Marcel, who was the son of the U.S. military officer who went to the debris field of the 1947 crash.
Marcel said his father showed him the pieces of debris and they both agreed that the material was not from Earth.
Rojas said that there is “new information coming out of Roswell all the time.”
Some examples he provided include the MJ-12 documents, which have been debunked by the FBI and an alleged new eyewitness to the Roswell 1947 crash.
Charles Fogus, in an article published by the Daily Mail in early June, claims he was a deputy sheriff in Texas and was on his way to Roswell to pick up a criminal when he saw a bunch of military personnel by the side of the road.
He said that he got out of the car and was 10 to 12 feet away from extraterrestrial bodies that were being covered. Fogus said soldiers told him that he couldn’t be in the area, so he got in his car and left. Fogus also claimed he saw a space craft crash on a side of a hill.
Rojas told audience members that there were problems with Fogus’ story. He also mentioned The Raney Memo and the Roswell Report of 1994 in his presentation.
Rojas was also the official spokesperson for MUFON as the director of public education and has been featured on the Travel Channel, National Geographic, and other television channels.
Marco D’Antonio was the second presenter for Saturday’s event. He has a degree in Astronomy and is MUFON’s Chief Photo/Video Analyst. His talk was titled, “Exoplanets And The Real Science That Will Find ET.” During his allotted time, he explored the science around exoplanet research, as well as the search for other life in the universe.
D’Antonio argued, if humans were to find alien life, it wouldn’t be possible to find extraterrestrials by listening to intelligent signals. He said the reasoning for this would be because the signals would likely be lost between galactic noise after traveling hundreds of light years.
Nick Pope, also known as “the real Fox Mulder,” was also a guest speaker at “The Roswell Incident.” He worked for the UK Ministry of Defense for over 20 years and has been the public face of a program to declassify and release the entire archive of the British Government’s UFO files.
His presentation discussed the government’s take on the Roswell crash.
Pope told audience members Saturday that the majority of government officials believed that UFOs were actually experimental prototypes of aircrafts or missiles and very few actually believed UFOs were extraterrestrial.
Pope added military individuals most likely believed the debris belonged to either the Soviet Union, or they were part of a secret U.S. program that only a few individuals knew about.
Linda Moulton Howe, a renowned journalist and investigator, was Saturday’s last speaker. She started her presentation by reading various letters that went into extensive details of the 1947 crash.
In one letter that was post-marked in South Carolina in April of 1996, the writer revealed that their grandfather claimed there was a UFO crash in Roswell. The letter added that there were two dead occupants found in the space craft; there was also a third occupant that was found alive and it was apparent that the extraterrestrial’s leg was broken.
The letter also contained several square, cut metal pieces that the letter claimed were pieces of debris from an extraterrestrial space craft.
Race Hobbs, the head of operations for KGRA, the Global Radio Alliance, broadcasted this year’s event.
KGRA features timely alternative talk radio programming and broadcasts live talk radio seven nights a week. KGRA is also the only digital certified station doing live-on-location presentations from conferences, expos and symposiums worldwide.
For more information on KGRA, visit kgraradio.com.
Richard M. Dolan, one of the world’s leading UFO investigators, will be the first speaker at today’s event. A full speaker panel with audience participation will follow. The event will end with an award presentation.
For a complete look at the schedule or to find out more information on the event, visit roswellincident.com.
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