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Commissioners just doing their jobs


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Former Mayor Tom Jennings, I have heard that you mistakenly entered the wrong date in your day planner for last Tuesday’s (June 27) Roswell Planning and Zoning monthly meeting.

That has happened to all of us, and that is why the RDR publishes on Sundays an article listing upcoming city, county, school board and ENMU-R public meetings.
If you had been at last week’s meeting, you would have heard Mr. Najar’s report of the meetings with the property owner and the city staff to remedy some of the complaints and concerns that you, Mr. Moran and Ms. Hyatt had, and also those of Ms. Wilson of the Roswell Refuge had expressed at the 5-23 meeting.
The gist of the report was that the Mr. Arnold, the owner of Custom Construction, was more than cooperative in making recommended changes and was perfectly agreeable with future inspections. Based on those findings, the commissioners voted unanimously to grant the permits that were requested.
You do have legal options, former Mayor Jennings, but you, of all people, should know that city staff and zoning commissioners do not deserve public abuse for only doing their jobs.
Larry Connolly

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