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Greenbacks making comeback at Wal-Mart; Retailer’s cash issues said to be fixed by today

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After some frustration expressed by Wal-Mart customers of not being able to make cash payments at the Roswell store the last few days, a spokesman for the world’s largest retailer told the Daily Record Monday the issue was tied to a cash recycler malfunction, and should be fixed today.

(Trevier Gonzalez Photo)

Customer Hudson Boué said he first realized the issue when his wife came home frustrated Sunday because the store was not accepting cash and she had forgotten her credit card.
Boué went to Wal-Mart himself Monday.
“I asked around a couple of the people there, clerks stocking up, and they said, ‘Well, we don’t know,'” Boué said. “They were not taking cash, but they wouldn’t explain why.”
Boué said he saw “credit/debit card signs only” signs posted “all over the place.” He then asked to speak to a manager to find out more, where he waited for about 15 minutes, and eventually left.

CNBC reported in September 2016 that Wal-Mart eliminated accounting and invoicing roles at approximately 500 locations in the Western region of the United States. Accounting offices utilized “cash recycler” machines to improve the efficiency and accuracy of counting money, while a centralized team would handle invoicing.
According to the ARCA, a manufacturer of cash automation technology, a cash recycler is an automated, certified safe containing all the technology required to process banknotes. These recyclers identify and authenticate cash, as well as sort cash to secured containers. The automated safes work to reduce theft and save time.
Charles Crowson, Wal-Mart’s senior manager of corporate communications, told the newspaper the malfunction at the Roswell store is set to be fixed by today, with everything in the store expected to be back to normal today.