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LaGrone Funeral Chapel & Crematory

900 S. Main St | 575-623-2323 service@lagronefuneralchapels.com

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For thousands of years, funerals have allowed the living to express their feelings about the death of someone they love. For many, a funeral or memorial service is the first step in the grieving process. It is a time when friends, family and other guests can come together to grieve openly and support one another in a community environment. It is also a time to remember, to cry, to smile and to say good-bye.

During what most people would describe as the most overwhelming experience of their lives, the friendly and professional staff of LaGrone Funeral Chapel & Crematory are here to help you. From arranging the funeral to contacting your family and friends to coping with the loss and beginning the grieving process, LaGrone Funeral Chapel & Crematory will be by your side.

LaGrone Funeral Chapel & Crematory has been serving Roswell ever since Tommy K. LaGrone purchased the former Roswell Funeral Home, located at 900 S. Main on November 15, 1968. It has continued to serve the community with their caring staff.

If you’re at a certain age, are aware that death can occur without warning and wish to unburden your family, you can prearrange your wishes and service hopefully many happy years before the time – as a last gift for your loved ones.

For those interested in advance planning, there’s no charge for making funeral arrangements before the need arises. They offer an advance planning program which allows for prepayment of your funeral arrangements.

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LaGrone Funeral Chapel & Crematory is here for you, anytime day or night to transfer your loved one to the funeral home. They help you with notifying proper authorities, family and/or relatives, provide certified copies of death certificates for insurance and benefit processing, work with your insurance, Social Security or Veterans Administration to ensure that necessary paperwork is filed for receipt of benefits.

LaGrone Funeral & Crematory serves all faiths and traditions. May it be a Minister, Priest, Celebrant – all in accordance of your faith. The staff of LaGrone Funeral Home will consult an officiate depending on your belief and choice, if religious, with fraternal ceremonies or non-religious. Funerals are most meaningful when they are personalized. LaGrone will help you capture the personality of your loved one.

As a recognized leader in funeral service, LaGrone Funeral Chapel & Crematory realizes the need for, and importance of, grieving materials that help people deal with loss. In this spirit and with genuine concern for those they serve, they provide assistance, guidance and support.

LaGrone Funeral Chapel & Crematory offers the widest range of options available. They will do everything to help those in need and pride themselves to have never turned any family away because they did not have adequate funds.

LaGrone Funeral Chapel & Crematory is located at 900 S. Main St for your family and guests. The friendly and caring staff of the historic LaGrone Funeral Chapel provides a spacious and elegant venue for your family and loved ones paying their last respects as they remember the life of the one you have lost.

To receive more information call 575-623-2323 for an appointment at their office at 900 S. Main in Roswell or email them at service@lagronefuneralchapels.com

More details are also available on their website: