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UFO Festival a success thanks to many people


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On behalf of MainStreet Roswell, I would like to thank all those involved in helping make the 2017 UFO Festival such an amazing event. Initial reports show record numbers of visitors and a major impact on the economy in Roswell.

We had a wonderful committee of volunteers that has been meeting for months. Their diligent support and hard work has made this event come together. This included a representative from every major event, as well as additional groups: The City of Roswell, MainStreet Roswell, IUFOMRC, The Roswell Incident, Galacticon, Roswell Daily Record, Roswell Mission, Roswell Red Cross, Way Way Off Broadway, Hispano Chamber and more.
This Festival would not happen without the support of all the sponsors: MainStreet Roswell, The City of Roswell, City of Roswell Lodgers’ Tax, Comet TV, Xcel Energy, Krumland Auto Group, Southwest Printers, Builder’s Do It Center, Straight Shot Wireless, NMMI, ENMU-R, AMOCA, Cielo Grande Veterinary Center, Roswell Daily Record, Roswell Galacticon, and Pioneer Bank.

An event of this size requires so much help, and Roswell has been wonderful to step up and contribute. There are too many people to thank to list in a letter to the editor. For a full version of this thank you, please visit the Amazing UFO Festival Facebook page.
I would like to especially thank my mentor of over 30 years, Cathy Burch. Many of you know who she is, and if you don’t, you have seen her artwork all over town at nonprofit events for at least that long. She has a heart bigger than Texas and spent weeks in the searing heat creating so many signs and backdrops.
Lastly, I would love to thank the volunteers and people of the city of Roswell. We have heard so many compliments about how wonderful and friendly everyone is. We have been selling our city as a great destination for months ––and you did not let us down. Because of you, all the media attention we are receiving is so positive it will only want to make more people see what our great city has to offer.
I am sincerely sorry for missing anyone, as I am sure I have. Roswell has such a great and supportive community –– I hope everyone realizes and appreciates it.
Juliana Halvorson

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