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Goddard’s Edmonson takes job in Carlsbad; Baseball head coach recalls fond memories of students and elusive state title

In this May 11 file photo, Rocket baseball coach Alan Edmonson fist bumps his players before a state quarterfinal matchup at Santa Ana Star Field in Albuquerque. Edmonson accepted the head coaching position at Carlsbad High School this week. (AJ Dickman Photo)

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Goddard High School head baseball coach Alan Edmonson has accepted a position to coach at Carlsbad High School.

Edmonson, who just capped his sixth season coaching the Goddard Rockets to a state championship, said Friday he accepted to be head baseball coach at Carlsbad earlier this week. He said the decision to leave Roswell was not one he took lightly.
“It’s been a tough decision emotionally, for myself and for the family,” Edmonson said, “because we love the school so much and love the community so much –– especially love all the people that have sacrificed their time, effort, energy and resources into building one of the best baseball programs in the state. But we’re excited about a new opportunity down in Carlsbad.”
Edmonson, who played baseball at Goddard from 1992 to 1996 primarily as a pitcher, said he is thankful to have been able to coach baseball for the Rockets.
“While I was a little kid I always dreamed about playing baseball for the Rockets,” he said, “so having the opportunity to come back and coach for Goddard for six years was pretty surreal.”
Edmonson’s wife, Andrea, has also accepted a position in Carlsbad. She will be an assistant principal for a middle school. She is currently the principal at Del Norte Elementary School. Edmonson said he believes he couldn’t have gotten the job without his wife also getting a job for Carlsbad Municipal Schools.
“I think the only reason why I got the job in Carlsbad was because they had a chance to hire her,” he said. “She’s amazing at what she does, and of course I’m going to be biased, but I think she’s the best school administrator in Roswell Independent School District. I think Carlsbad is getting a steal whenever they get her. I’m just another coach.”
Joining Edmonson and his wife on their move to Carlsbad are his three children: Maddux, 12, Addison, 11, and Brooklyn, 6.
Edmonson said he is unsure who will take the position of head coach for the Rockets. He also doesn’t know if any assistant coaches are interested in the job.
However, he does know what would happen if one of his assistant coaches accepted the job.
“If they do apply for it,” Edmonson said, “they will have to do what we have been doing for the last six years, which is win!”
The phrase says the third time is the charm, but it was the fourth for Edmonson and his varsity squad last season.

On the team’s fourth consecutive attempt to win the coveted state title, the Rockets got a taste of victory as they won the Class 5A state title, defeating Albuquerque Academy 10-3 at Isotopes Park on May 13.
Edmonson recalled numerous moments during his team’s time at state that he’ll always cherish, but he said one of the most special moments was seeing pitcher Cal Villareal get some well-deserved redemption.
“You know, one of the most special moments was seeing Cal Villareal pitching the state championship game,” he said. “He’s been with me for five years starting on varsity and that was his fourth state championship game. He and I had come out on the losing end of three previous games, and so for him to be able to get on the mound and get a bit of redemption in the championship game in Isotopes Park was awesome to see.”
In addition to coaching the Rockets, Edmonson also taught economics at Goddard High School. He said he’s also going to miss being in the classroom at Goddard.
“I love being around the students at Goddard,” he said. “I love being around the staff at Goddard. That’s something I’ll miss more than the coaching, you know, I really do love being in the classroom.”
Edmonson said he will also be teaching at Carlsbad, including social studies and some athletic-based classes that are based on baseball. He gave a special thank you to Roswell Daily Record Sports Editor AJ Dickman, as well as to the newspaper.
“I just want to say thank you to AJ and the Roswell Daily Record,” Edmonson said. “They’ve always done a good job of covering our baseball games and giving us the coverage that the kids deserve. So we’re definitely grateful for everything that AJ and the newspaper have done for us.”
Edmonson “can’t stress enough how grateful” he is to everyone who helped make the Rocket baseball team the team it is today, from the parents, to supportive businesses and to the players themselves.
“They mean a lot more to me than baseball players,” Edmonson said. “I love those guys with everything I’ve ever had. They’re people I’ll remember for the rest of my life and they’ll always hold a special place in my heart.”
Edmonson said he and his family are “looking forward to (their) new adventure.”