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Abalos’ health care idea is gov’t giveaway


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In his opinion piece in Thursday’s edition of the RDR, Mr. Abalos exalts the benefits of a single-payer system for health care over the free market system we used to have.

He states that the “old ways usually fail to solve new problems.” The old way worked until Obamacare came along and created all the new problems. We used to be able to go see a doctor when we felt the need, and pay for it as we could. The doctors used to be able to provide services to us as they felt necessary and refer us to specialists when they thought we needed it.
Now we have to buy insurance or we get fined. Now the doctors have to have six people in their offices who do nothing more than fill out government-mandated forms and beg the insurance companies to authorize and pay for the services we need.

The insurance companies try to cut as many corners as they can so they can make a profit, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It only looks bad when someone points out that their corner cutting lets people die, which, by the way, is a normal part of life.
Why does the government owe us health care? Is health care a right in this country? If it is a right, then why should we have to buy insurance? If health care is a right, then the government should provide it, without extra cost to all citizens on an equal basis.
The problem with health care in this country is it wasn’t broken, so the government fixed it. The single-payer system of health care Mr. Abalos is supporting will not benefit our citizens anymore than Obamacare did. It would just be another big government giveaway program.
Don Determan