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Community should elect responsible leaders


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The mayor and City Council here in Roswell remind me of an episode of an old Andy of Mayberry.

A movie producer chooses Mayberry for a film because of its friendly people and unique charm. The mayor and council members decided to go all out and chop down the oldest tree in the center of town to beautify the city for the film, only to find out the tree was to be prominently featured.
Every poor decision this council has taken is almost always backed with an emotional plea. “If we do not have a bond, we do not have a rec center and pool, and our children will suffer, is that correct?” asked City Councilor Jeanine Corn Best.

“That is correct,” replied City Manager Joe Neeb. How about the suffering they’ll incur because of the financial hole you’re digging for them?
Other examples include City Councilor Denny stating, “The pool could open up and swallow our children” or City Councilor Sandoval, “Let’s do this for our town.” Statements and decisions made solely on emotional pleas. When will we decide as a community to elect responsible representation?
Fred Moran


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