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Thanks, Lois, for the positive changes


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I am writing this letter in tribute to Lois Hein, my old neighbor, landlady and friend who recently passed away. She was a great mom, grand mom and aunt, who not only loved her family but loved her neighborhood as well.

When I returned to live in Roswell over 20 years ago, the area where I moved had some very serious challenges with bad tenants, disturbances of the peace and crime. There were constant problems, but with the assistance of the mayor, a police officer and concerned neighbors, meetings were held with Neighborhood Watch.
When Lois relocated from Silver City to be closer to her daughter in Roswell, things began to change for the better. She bought and renovated the large home and adjoining rentals from which many of the problems had generated.
She then renovated the house and small units with beautifully landscaped surroundings. Sally, her daughter, contributed much to the renovation and landscaping.

This set a positive tone for the neighborhood, which has continued to this day.
Lois recruited very good tenants and became an excellent landlady and important homeowner. She brought the neighborhood together in forming a caring, friendly community making it into a “family” of sorts, where everyone checks on each other.
In earlier days, Lois’ door was always open for a visit or cup of coffee. She was a welcoming hostess. A number of the original residents still live in the neighborhood and I know that they and many others miss her presence.
I appreciate this opportunity to publicly thank Lois Hein for the positive changes she made and for the example she set as a truly caring homeowner, neighbor and good citizen of Roswell.
Sue Ann Carpenter