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Thanks to Heinrich for coming to town


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Today, July 15, I attended a rally for Sen. Martin Heinrich at Pecos Flavors Winery. The first thing I want to say about it is, thank you, Sen. Heinrich, for coming to Roswell.

Many, if not most, of our state and national level politicians don’t bother with Roswell.
Maybe that’s because they’re Republican and Roswell is a sure thing (I’m talking to you, Rep. Pearce!) or because they’re Democrats and Roswell is a sure thing for them, too, though not in a good way. So a big thank you goes to Sen. Heinrich for acknowledging our existence.
The main thing I took away from the meeting is the senator’s response to the person who asked what we can do to help defeat the current Senate “health care” bill, a poorly disguised tax cut bill.

He said to talk to friends in states like Colorado, Nevada, West Virginia and Ohio. These are states with Republican senators, states which, like New Mexico, have had very good results from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
Their senators need to be reminded that many of their citizens are enjoying medical care, some for the first time in years. If we contact these senators, they won’t care because we, of course, are not their constituents.
So talk to your friends and family who live in other more Republican states and ask them to contact their senators to help defeat the current Senate attempt at a “health care” bill that is just another tax cut for the wealthy.
And, again, let me say thank you to Sen. Heinrich for coming to Roswell.
Flo Wells