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Mayor should hire from his own town


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Why does the mayor go to other states to get an agency to hire a city manager? Roswell has very qualified people to fill the position.

Jean Snyder is a very brilliant lady; Barbara Patterson, a lawyer; Ken Wilson, a lawyer; all qualify, and a lot more.
Does the city pay for the mayor’s expenses when he goes? He apparently has not looked in his own town for someone. I am suggesting to the voters when it is election time, let’s “drain the swamp” and get rid of all the councilors and mayor and start everyone new.

We need residential streets repaired, so many have holes and cracks. There are houses that need to be torn down, on Tilden Street and Washington Avenue for one. The mayor probably never drives down these streets if he is in town.
We did not need a swimming pool, there are five swimming pools already here.
Cleta Coen


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